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Ware Malcomb Gains a Principal

REAL ESTATE: Angela Ryan Brings Expertise in Interior Office Design

SAN DIEGO – Angela Ryan has been named a principal in the San Diego office of the architectural and design firm Ware Malcomb.

Angela Ryan
Ware Malcomb

In her new role, Ryan is responsible for the growth and management of Ware Malcomb’s San Diego Interior Architecture & Design, Retail, and Healthcare studios.

She also is part of an internal advisory group “to push different initiatives on interior architecture forward across the company,” Ryan said.

The purpose is to look for new initiatives “so that we don’t remain stagnant as a firm on the interior architecture side,” Ryan said.

A graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia, Ryan earned a bachelor’s degree in environmental design.

She joined Ware Malcomb’s San Diego office in 2017 as studio manager for interior architecture and design.

“Angela’s exceptional leadership skills and dedication have made an incredible impact on our San Diego team,” said Matt Brady, executive vice president of Ware Malcomb.

Open Office Design ‘Still a Thing’

As a past president of the Southern California Chapter of the International Design Association and a leader within Ware Malcomb, Ryan said that one of her goals is to help mentor up-and-coming architects and designers.

With a staff of 37, Ryan said that Ware Malcomb’s San Diego office is about the ideal size.

“We may grow a bit over the next couple of years because we have a couple of clients that are looking at some big growth, but I wouldn’t anticipate major changes. We take our hiring very seriously and we want to grow appropriately and scale (up) as best we can,” Ryan said. “We’re putting more effort into building our multi-family and retail right now, as well as healthcare.”

Ryan said that her focus of late has been helping companies adjust to hybrid work schedules that have become the norm post-COVID.

Prior to the pandemic, many companies were shifting from a design that was heavy on private offices to a more open concept – a trend that Ryan said has continued.

“It depends on the organization, because we have a lot of clients who still have a traditional approach to meeting formally with their end users, their clients, Ryan said, but she said that “open office is still a thing.”

“I think open office has still served a lot of people well, because now when they come into the workforce if they’re doing a hybrid schedule or remote, they want to interact with people,” Ryan said. “That’s the main conversation that we have – think differently about your time in the office. It shouldn’t be to come and be heads down the whole time. Otherwise, you could do that from home.”

Ryan said that she prefers the open design for herself.

“I’m out in the open so that my team can hear the conversations that I’m having and we can easily interact. If I need to be heads down, I can find a space or I’ll work from home,” Ryan said.

Ware Malcomb
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NOTABLE: Ware Malcomb has offices throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Brazil.


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