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Moon Mayoras Joins Abramson

ARCHITECTURE: SD Firm a Leader in Hospital Design

Moon Mayoras Architects based in Mission Valley was acquired in September by Abramson Architects based in Los Angeles.

The combined firm will retain its San Diego office and staff, with its headquarters in Abramson’s Los Angeles offices in the West Adams neighborhood of Los Angeles.

David Moon
Moon Mayoras Architects

David Moon, principal of Moon Mayoras Architects, will become a principal of the combined firm, co-leading the firm’s healthcare design practice with Bjorn Schrader, a partner at Abramson Architects.

“One of the things about this alignment that makes it really attractive to us is this gives us an opportunity to expand into the L.A. market sector without having to open a brand-new office ourselves up there,” Moon said. “We pursued work there and even got on a couple of pre-approved lists. We’ve not had a lot of success there because we didn’t actually have an office there.”

Healthcare Focus

Founded in 1994, Moon Mayoras Architects’ work has been entirely related to health care, and its most prominent projects have been outside of San Diego County.

Moon said he became interested in health care design primarily through his father, who was a physician.

“At one point, I actually thought about going premed. I got kind of disillusioned by the curriculum and I was actually at the time kind of more enamored by the more artistic aspects of doing architecture,” Moon said. “There’s something I enjoy about being able to do healthcare projects because there’s a basis I can get my arms around, a basis for the design in terms of why some things are done, versus making a commercial project where it’s sort of a preference.”

Moon said that the firm’s largest ongoing project is a free-standing, four-story cardiovascular specialty clinic and a hybrid operating room interventional suite at Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage.

“We’ve done freestanding hospitals in other states, brand new from the ground up. We’ve done inpatient towers, larger towers in the Central Coast and Central Valley, as well as in the Bay Area,” Moon said.

In San Diego, Moon said that his firm has worked on projects for the University of California San Diego Medical Center, Scripps Health, and Palomar Health.

“It’s more of a cumulative thing than it is one large project,” Moon said. “We don’t have large projects in San Diego,” Moon said.


Moon Mayoras has a 10-person staff in San Diego, but Moon said that’s likely to expand with the acquisition, adding that Abramson has a staff of about 30.

As its own firm, Moon said that Moon Mayoras Architects typically outsourced some if its work.

“With the addition of Abramson, we now have capability to add staff in house if we need it,” Moon said. “It’s actually a win for both of us.”

Moon Mayoras Architects

Founded: 1994
San Diego Headquarters: Mission Valley
Principal: David Moon
Business: architecture
Employees: 10
Website:  www.abramsonarchitects.com
Contact: 619-235-9780; info@abramsonarchitects.com
Notable: Prior to the acquisition, Moon Mayoras has designed large and small health care projects from new hospitals to medical clinics.


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