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Ransomware, Data Breaches Put Cos. to the Test

CYBERSECURITY: Events Offer Numerous Lessons About Security, Incident Response

If a baseball team has a losing season, a typical response is to fire the manager. If a company or an enterprise experiences a ransomware attack or a data breach, does the organization do the same for the person overseeing security? Perhaps but not always.

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Plenty of Options to Study Cybersecurity

San Diego Programs Range From Master’s Degrees to Certificates

There is work aplenty in the cybersecurity space, with more jobs than people to fill them. Many people pick up experience in the military or on the job. Would-be workers also expand their knowledge through college.

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Cybersecurity Field Has a Prime Opportunity to Diversify

TECHNOLOGY: In California, Tens of Thousands of Jobs Go Unfilled

Bad actors continue their assaults on the computer networks of corporations, governments and other enterprises, and the IT world is calling for reinforcements.

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Cyber Innovation

SDBJ Insider

October being Cybersecurity Awareness Month, it makes sense that the city of San Diego announced last week that it has received a total of $928,000 in federal grant funding to develop a new regional cyber innovation center.

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Cybersecurity Forms Part of Region’s Defense Economy

U.S. Navy’s Information Technology Command Is a Major Force

There is a significant overlap between San Diego’s cybersecurity sector and its defense contracting sector.

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Vendors Help Workforce Stand Up to Phishing Attacks

CYBERSECURITY: Certain Education Efforts See Who Takes the Bait

Phishing never goes out of season. For hackers, it’s a year-round effort.

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Passwords Still Have a Place in a Connected World

CYBERSECURITY: Convenient and Maddening Method of Authentication Will Endure

The humble password is a central part of cybersecurity and is likely to remain so.

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Cybersecurity Details Matter

TECH: Providers Help Firms Shore Up Defenses

Being secure online frequently comes down to some very basic habits and practices. Strong passwords and multi-factor authentication go a long way toward helping people stay secure.

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