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Businesses Can Use This (Job) Opportunity to Thank a Veteran

Memorial Day is more than a day off from work. It is a day where we remind ourselves of those wonderful American men and women who have given their lives to maintain our freedom. It is also a time to consider businesses’ role in helping veterans.

Taking Care of Business Becomes an Economic Necessity

As the national and state government leadership grapple with taxes, fees, cutbacks, layoffs and the like, local governments in North County are proceeding with making decisions necessary to get their communities moving in the right direction.

Health Agency Delivers Decades of Vital Care to the Community

One of the jewels of North County is celebrating 40 years of service to the community this year. North County Health Services is a mainstay of health care services for a diverse section of the region’s population.

A Look at the Numbers Shows the Changes in the North County

As we approach the end of the first quarter of 2011, the government has released the 2010 year-end data. The two key items for North County are the population growth and sales tax revenue increases, both are up substantially.

In a Very Unusual Move, Congress Cleans Up Its Act(s)

While Congress continues to debate the budget and other legislation, a minor miracle occurred.

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These Are Signs You See on the Road to Economic Recovery

There are lots of little gems of good news popping up all over the North County.

‘Privatizing’ a Bit of the Public Service Ideal Is Good for Business

As we continue to develop ways to help our businesses prosper, I thought I would share two things with you in this column.

Under Threat of Cuts, Cities Practice Fiscal Self-Defense Moves

With the beginning of a year, new ideas and initiatives come from bosses, employees and customers.

Entertainment Company Keeps the Excitement Building at Legoland

The new year is only a couple of weeks old but things are getting off to a good start. We have a new speaker of the House in Washington, D.C., a new governor in Sacramento and a new mayor in Carlsbad.

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A Course of Action Is Needed on Important North County Issues

With the end of 2010 just days away, several key issues remain unresolved in the great North County. Let’s check off just a handful of them.

Mayor Was Always Faithful to Service Members and His City

November’s election brought about many leadership changes in North County. With the exception of Oceanside, all of the North County cities got new mayors. One of the new selections approached historic in nature; The City of Carlsbad has a new mayor for the first time in 24 years.

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This Great Country Runs Best on Optimism, Not on Fears

The election is over! Well, for the most part anyway.

Entrepreneur Aims High With New McClellan-Palomar Airline

The health of the airline industry will be put to the test in Carlsbad where a new airline is about to enter the marketplace.

Sometimes, You Get What You Pay for From Civil Servants

Until a couple of weeks ago I had never heard of the city of Bell in California. When the story of outrageous public employees’ salaries there hit the streets the fatal bell tolled for the top executives running the city

Minor League Baseball Team Becoming a Major Topic in Region

Escondido is in the middle of an approval process to build a professional baseball stadium for the relocating Portland Beavers Triple-A team.

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Escondido Fields Notion of Building Ballpark for the Beavers

Play ball! That may be the sound coming out of Escondido pretty soon if the City Council decides to enter into an agreement with the San Diego Padres to build a new $45 million baseball stadium for the Padres’ Triple-A baseball club.

With City Budgets in Place, Region Shifts Into Growth Mode

Now that all the cities in North County have approved budgets, new city council members and a new fiscal year, things are happening throughout the region.

Chamber Golf Tourney Drives Spotlight Toward Marine Heroes

Our country is going through a major transformation. We are trying to come out of the worst recession in modern history. We are fighting two wars in far-off lands.

Confronting Unions, Carlsbad’s City Council Votes for New Pension System for Firefighters

Carlsbad as a city is looked at by many San Diegans as a model city.

San Marcos Is a Hub of Wheel of Fortune

I love writing about positive happenings in the economy. There is a lot more reader fulfillment in stories about successful people than in stories about bankruptcy, lawsuits and business failures.

Economy Getting Back on Track As Re-Balancing Is Under Way

North County is starting to see signs of economic recovery. Everything from dozens of new restaurants, hotels, motels and schools to road improvements, retail outlets and remodeling projects have created hundreds of new jobs.

Go-Givers Often See Their Sales Grow Quicker Than Go-Getters

Business in the North County

As the nation’s economy continues to recover, business owners want to know why some of their competitors grow at a faster pace. What makes the difference between their sales and the other guy’s?

Local Airline Prepares for Takeoff Late This Year or Early Next

A sign of the emerging economy was showcased March 3l with the unveiling of a brand-new regional aircraft company, California Pacific Airlines.

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