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Fresh Start Surgical to Host Butterfly Ball on Saturday

Fresh Start Surgical Gifts will be hosting their 31st annual Butterfly Ball on Saturday, October 1 at the Hard Rock Hotel in downtown San Diego.

This year’s event, themed “The Wild West,” will celebrate the more than 8,600 children whose lives have been transformed through the gift of Fresh Start Surgical, which is marking 31 years of life-changing work by its doctors and staff, volunteers and partners as well as the donors who have supported the national nonprofit medical charity since its founding in 1991.

Fresh Start Surgical Gifts is dedicated to transforming the lives of disadvantaged youth with physical deformities by providing comprehensive reconstructive surgery at no cost to the patient and their family. All of the world-class medical professionals generously donate their time and talent to deliver much-needed medical care and one hundred percent of all financial contributions go directly toward the patients.

Every dollar donated to the organization allows Fresh Start to gift five dollars in medical services.

Each year, in partnership with Rady Children’s Hospital, Fresh Start in San Diego hosts six Surgery Weekend cycles. At each cycle, two days of intensive surgeries are performed by world-renowned surgeons and their teams.

Supporting medical treatments, laser treatments, speech therapy, dental and orthodontic work is also provided. Fresh Start cares for every patient for the long-term, working with each patient until the desired medical result is achieved.

Former patient, Tara Balady will be speaking at the gala. (Photos courtesy Fresh Start)

Former patient Tara Balady gained her fresh start back in 2008 when she received her seventh and last cosmetic surgery. She was born with three unique and potentially cancerous birthmarks, known as Hairy Nevi. After visiting numerous medical professionals, her family struggled to find doctors and funding to address her medical condition.

Luckily, Balady’s family discovered Fresh Start Surgical Gifts and Balady was able to receive corrective surgical procedures over the next 12 years of her life, at absolutely no cost to her and her family. Now, Balady continues to support this nonprofit and give back to this disadvantaged community of children.

Her lifelong journey with Fresh Start Surgical Gifts inspired Balady to become an ambassador at this year’s gala. “I invite you to join me at the 31st Annual Butterfly Ball Gala on October 1st, where I’m excited to share my Fresh Start story,” she said. “Your support can help change the lives of children and families around the world.”

The organization is hoping to raise funds to provide $800,000 in medical care at this year’s gala.

For more information on how to register for tickets for this year’s Butterfly Ball, visit https://bit.ly/ButterflyBalltickets.

For media inquiries, please contact Bianca@teaminnovision.com.

To learn more about Fresh Start Surgical Gifts, visit FreshStart.org.


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