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San Diego
Thursday, May 30, 2024

VitaCup to Reach Nearly $30M in Revenue in 2022

VitaCup, the manufacturer of vitamin-infused coffee and/or tea pods, bags and instant sticks, continues to expand through new product development.

Headquartered in Scripps Ranch, the company launched a selection of key products during the second half of 2020, said Brandon Fishman. This includes the Perfect Coffee Pods, Slim Blend Instant Sticks and Oat Milk Lattes. The product launches will take VitaCup’s annual revenue from slightly over $23 million in 2021 to nearly $30 million in 2022, he said.

“We have a lot of growth built into 2022 that will bring our revenue close to $28 million – it’s all really about innovation,” said Fishman, who founded the company in 2017 and has 35 employees.


“The Perfect Coffee is the cleanest coffee pod you can buy. It’s organic, fair trade and low in acidity for anyone with stomach issues. That one pod alone has been a big piece of our growth,” Fishman added. “The coffee instant sticks, the Slim Blend, which can be enjoyed in hot or cold water, have done extremely well on Amazon. And the superfood lattes, which come in two flavors and have superfoods infused in them, have also grown on Amazon.”

“We didn’t have those products for most of 2020,” he continued. “The Instant Coffee sticks have been live for about two months and is already the number one instant coffee release on Amazon. The Perfect Coffee launched in September and became the number one new release on Amazon within weeks.”

Blend of Vitamins

VitaCup carries 30-40 SKUs, five or six of which are available in retail outlets. Each single serve product, meant to be used in Keurig-type machines, includes a blend of vitamins B1, B5, B6, B9 and B12 as well as other vitamins, superfoods and ancient spices to power the body and mind, said Fishman.

Its products are not only sold on and Amazon, but also 1,300 Target stores nationwide and 1,000 Walmart locations, as well as Kroger, Ralphs, Wegmans Food Markets, Sprouts and Publix Super Markets, said Fishman.

But the biggest growth has been via Amazon, which accounts for at least half of companywide sales, he said. That segment has grown 10% to 15% month-over-month since about March 2020, at the onset of COVID-19. It is expected to increase another 40% to 50% in 2022, Fishman said.

“People’s buying habits shifted to Amazon during COVID – we’ve seen a 60% growth in Amazon subscriptions alone,” he said.

Functional Properties

Brianna Harris, VitaCup’s chief vitamin officer and a registered dietician responsible for all of the beverage blends, said the company’s products are popular because of their functional properties. With health becoming a key focus for consumers post-pandemic, VitaCup has largely benefitted.

“VitaCup is unique because we are the first and only coffee pods to use functional ingredients in addition to vitamins,” she said. “All of our products are tested by third party labs before and after being heated to prove the vitamins and functional ingredients hold up to heat. We go through rigorous R&D; to ensure you can’t taste the vitamins at all and only taste delicious, high-quality coffee.”

VitaCup sources all of its coffee from its co-packer, Intelligent Blends, based in the UTC area, said Fishman. Once manufactured, every blend gets tested in a lab to make sure it holds up with heating, he said, followed by a third-party lab-conducted taste test.

Convenient for Everybody

Fishman is a Philadelphia native who graduated from Emory University in Atlanta with a degree in finance and a Master’s in real estate from the University of San Diego. A few years ago, he noticed he’d feel lethargic after his workouts, and that is when the idea for VitaCup occurred to him.

“No one ever forgets their coffee, but everyone forgets their vitamins,” said Fishman. “Eighty percent of people leave their vitamins on the shelf until they expire. And many people are B vitamin deficient. I wanted to make it convenient for everybody.”



FOUNDER/CEO: Brandon Fishman



BUSINESS: Manufactures vitamin-infused coffee and/or tea K-cups, bags and instant sticks.

REVENUE: $23M in 2021, projected to reach $28M in 2022


NOTABLE: Revenue was $20 million in 2019.



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