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Private Companies

2005 Top 5 Companies Revenue in millions

  1. Science Applications International Corp. $7,187

  2. Corky McMillin Cos. $880

  3. La Mesa RV Center Inc. $533

  4. Barnhart Inc. $486

  5. Goal Financial $328

2010 Top 5 Companies Revenue in millions

  1. DJO Global Inc. $966.0

  2. Harper Construction Co. Inc. $359.8

  3. One Source Distributors LLC $335.0

  4. Technology Integration Group $317.7

  5. Kleinfelder Inc. $297.4

In 2005, the No. 1 company on the San Diego Business Journal’s Private Companies list was Science Applications International Corp. With revenue of almost $7.2 billion, SAIC was more than seven times the size of the top-ranked company on the 2010 list, DJO, with just under $1 billion in revenue.

After operating near La Jolla since its founding in 1969, SAIC relocated its headquarters to McLean, Va., in 2009.

Eliminating SAIC from the top five companies in 2005 and comparing revenues of the next five companies to those of the top five of 2010 shows a decline in revenue of 10 percent, not nearly as precipitous as the graphic indicates.


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