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Organizations Team Up to Help Military Spouse Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneurship program for military spouses has kicked off its third cohort.

The National Veterans Chamber of Commerce and the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce have joined forces with mentors from SCORE San Diego to provide the free business incubator program, which launched April 21 via Zoom.

The Women Entrepreneur Incubator program is helping to train entrepreneurs to develop part-time or full-time businesses. The three organizations are providing training, technical assistance, mentorship, peer-to-peer support and financial information.

“Starting a business takes commitment,” said Joseph Molina, executive director and CEO of the National Veterans Chamber of Commerce based in San Diego County. “An entrepreneurial mindset and, most importantly, knowing exactly what it is you want to do and what outcome (the ‘Why’) you want to achieve is part of that commitment.” Every entrepreneur hopes that starting their own business will help them be their own boss and take control of their destiny.

“Our aim is that the women entrepreneurs will learn how to be pandemic [proof], recession proof and portable by investing in themselves,” said the chamber’s workforce development coordinator, Victoria Carlborg.

An added benefit of the incubator is that each entrepreneur will receive in-person coaching and mentoring at the Oceanside Chamber’s office following the online training sessions.

“SCORE San Diego volunteers are experienced entrepreneurs, corporate managers, and executives with a diverse set of industries and specialties who volunteer their experience and knowledge to help small business professionals start, develop and grow businesses,” says Laura Rau, mentor and veteran outreach contact with SCORE San Diego Mentors. “We are grateful to be able to collaborate with the Oceanside and the Veterans chambers with the incubator to help military spouses and the veteran community succeed in business.”

The latest cohort began April 21 and continues April 28, May 5 and May 12.

There are also plans to launch a youth-specific business incubator summer camp. Business attire donations are needed for student mock interviews.

For more information on participating as a business owner, program trainer or event sponsor, contact victoria@oceansidechamber.com.


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