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Maye-Williams Active: Making Clothing for Overlooked, Underrepresented Fitness Fans

When Covid-19 scrapped their fairytale wedding plans in 2020, Mycah Bacchus Maye-Williams and Shaun Maye-Williams didn’t let the setback stop them from working together to create something special.

Foregoing a large destination wedding in France and another one in the U.S. and opting instead for a civil ceremony at the courthouse in San Marcos, the pair decided to use the money they saved toward a different kind of team adventure.

They started a new business – Maye-Williams Active – which was, literally, fitting, as both Shaun and Mycah Maye-Williams have long championed the active life.

“We took the money we had for the wedding, invested in the business and we made $13,000 in the first month,” said Mycah Maye-Williams, 26. “We kept going from there and we’ve been doing well.”

Shaun Maye-Williams said the company is looking at a 20 percent year-over-year profit with e-commerce alone.

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The couple’s line of apparel is specifically designed for people the couple says are often overlooked and underrepresented in the world of fitness. Their brand, the couple says, helps bring diversity to an area where they felt it was missing.

All-Inclusive Clothing

The Maye-Williams line at its deepest roots has the intention of representing myriad skin tones, ethnicities, ages, shapes, sizes and genders.

The clothing line, that includes bras, hats, compression pants, cropped zip-up jackets, shorts, socks, hoodies, leggings and shirts, is all inclusive and non-gendered, so “everyone can get active comfortably and in style,” Mycah Maye-Williams said.

“We call our customers our family members,” said Shaun Maye-Williams, 29.

The couple says they want to especially promote healthy lifestyles in the Black community as well as encouraging people to take control of their own destiny, as they themselves have done.

“It’s important in the Black community, and in all communities, to have a healthy lifestyle,” Mycah Maye-Willams said. “Be mindful of what you’re putting into your body. We want people to see our Black faces and know that being healthy is a good thing, that taking care of yourself, keeping your body healthy gives you a good feeling and better life.”

The Maye-Williamses run their business and live in both Los Angeles and San Diego, depending on what works best on any given day.

Being the Change

“We decided to be the change we want to see” in activewear, said Mycah Maye-Williams, who is an actress and model.

A gymnast and dancer since she was a young girl, Mycah Maye-Willliams grew up in New York the daughter of immigrants from Guyana, and earned a spot at one time for Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. She danced with the troupe for seven years.

Shaun Maye-Williams grew up in San Diego, and started playing baseball for Lincoln High as a sophomore. He attended San Diego City College and it was there on the baseball field that he caught the eye of a college scout and earned a scholarship to Midland University in Fremont, Neb.

There, while working on his degree in business administration, the southpaw was the school’s first-ever Black pitcher.

The two initially met through social media in 2015, which Mycah said she compares to “a cosmic meeting where the stars collided.”

Shaun was responding to photo after photo after photo that Mycah was sharing on her Instagram page. Noticing his relentless interest, she reached out to him privately, and the rest is matchmaking history.

Shaun Maye-Williams said he has always been concerned about the health of those in the Black community.

“Where I come from, minority health is not taken care of properly, and not taken seriously,” he said.

Mycah Maye-Williams said the couple is looking for investors to continue to scale bigger than their current e-commerce business.

She said they are looking toward pop-up shops in malls, looking to woo some “influencers” and may try to connect with stores like Walmart and Target in the next three to five years. They run ads through Shopify.

As they put more focus on brand exposure, the couple said they have set some realistic goals for reaching certain financial milestones.

“We’re very close to net in the six-figure mark,” Shaun Maye-Williams said.


Founded: 2020

Founders: Shaun Maye-Williams and Mycah Bacchus Maye-Williams

Business: Apparel maker

Website: https://mayewilliamsactive.com/

Instagram: Maye-Williams Active™️ (@mayewilliamsactive) • Instagram photos and videos

Notable: Maye-Williams has business offices in both San Diego and Los Angeles.


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