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Finding Your Inner Fitness Fanatic – In 20 Minutes

A molecular biology major when she attended college at Nicholls State University in Louisiana and then at Cal State San Marcos, Amy Minnick’s studies served her well doing research and conducting clinical trials during a high-profile 20-year career in the pharmaceutical business.

But she traded her time inside laboratory to put her science knowledge to work in a different way as a fitness trainer in East County.

Minnick, a tall, fit and lithe Louisiana native who now lives in Santee with her husband and teenage daughter, has spent years helping others achieve and exceed their health and fitness goals.


Later this month, the 44-year-old will open a specialized fitness studio in La Mesa.

Minnick has been instructing fitness seekers from her home for nearly two years, and says she is the first fitness instructor in San Diego County to use the only U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved Electro Muscle Stimulation-based fitness equipment.

According to the FDA’s official website, the government agency considers them devices under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. Because of that, the FDA is responsible for regulating their sale.

Minnick uses German-made miha bodytec equipment, including two computerized screens attached to aluminum stands with channels, dials and buttons that she turns while guiding clients through workouts. The machine is used to connect people wearing special vests, belts and other clothing with wires, cables and electrodes.

Contracting Muscles in Groups

With Minnick supervising clients’ personalized routines, the machine contracts muscles in groups or isolated through impulses. The miha bodytec company calls it the “whole body training method.”

Minnick’s “RapidSculpt” is a high-intensity total body strength training workout that utilizes EMS technology, which she says accelerates fitness results.

According to Minnick, RapidSculpt EMS activates 90 percent of the body’s muscles, including some of the deepest muscle fiber that cannot be reached with traditional fitness practices, efficiently using electrical impulses to contract muscle groups while people go through functional movements.

Because the 20-minute RapidSculpt EMS session is equal to three hours of high intensity strength training, it can only be done every fifth day, per FDA guidelines, she said.

Effective Training


“It is the most effective training for losing weight, improving your fitness level and building lean muscles,” Minnick said. “It is the fastest and easiest way to achieve all your fitness goals.”  

RapidSculpt can also be used as a rehabilitation method after injuries, which the FDA’s website also notes. EMS training can relieve the joints stress, reduce back pain and tighten the “trouble areas” in the body,” Minnick said.

“I am happy and proud to be one of the first in San Diego to offer this service,” Minnick said.

She is a master trainer for EMS in the United States for the German company that manufactures the equipment she uses. When someone in the U.S. purchases the product, she has the responsibility to train them.

She says changes can be seen in people’s bodies – tighter, more toned and capable of greater endurance — after six sessions for men, eight sessions for women.

RAPID SCULPT EMS/ Firesnake Fitness

Founder and Owner: Amy Minnick

Founded: 2019

Location: 8127 La Mesa Blvd., La Mesa

Website: https://firesnakefitness.com/

Notable: Founder Amy Minnick is from Abbeville, La., pop. 12,000, about 150 miles west of New Orleans.


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