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Ubiq Collects SBIR Award From Army

Ubiq Security Inc., a cybersecurity startup based in Carmel Valley, announced on July 14 that it received a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the U.S. Army’s Combat Capabilities Development Command. The organization, also known as DEVCOM, is the Army’s former research, development and engineering command.
Under the deal, Ubiq will deliver next-generation encryption capabilities. Financial details of the contract were not immediately available.
The business received Phase I of the SBIR award and could be on track for a Phase II award. “Fingers crossed,” said Wias Issa, the company’s CEO. 

API Does the Work
Ubiq says its product lets software developers integrate data encryption directly into applications in minutes, with nothing more than a few lines of code and two API calls. The initials API stand for application programming interface; Ubiq offers an API-based solution. Issa said APIs let computer programs connect in the same way as modular Lego building blocks.
“Organizations are looking to leverage API-based solutions to quickly integrate critical capabilities into their product, applications and infrastructure, saving them time, effort and capital to build custom, costly and error-prone solutions,” Issa said in announcing the SBIR award. “This is especially true with encryption and key management. These are complex domain areas that are very difficult to get right, yet very easy to get wrong, with potentially catastrophic consequences. APIs are the consumption model of choice for the world’s leading and most forward-thinking organizations and I’m excited that the U.S. Army is embracing the approach.”

In 2020, Ubiq received an SBIR contract worth slightly less than $100,000, also from the U.S. Army. Under the deal, Ubiq was to conduct a feasibility study to develop Multiple Data Pathway Simultaneous Data Exfiltration, abbreviated MPExfil. The objective of the proposed capability was to provide the Army with an ability to revolutionize the process of encrypting and securing data while simultaneously transmitting data over networks.
Issa said his company has “significant traction” with commercial customers — banks and telecom companies among them — as well as federal customers, including the Army, U.S. Air Force, Department of Homeland Security and intelligence agencies.


FOUNDED:  2019
CEO: Wias Issa
BUSINESS: Provider of cybersecurity technology
FUNDING: Ubiq closed a $6.4 million seed round in November
WEBSITE: www.ubiqsecurity.com
NOTABLE: In addition to the U.S. Army, Ubiq customers include the U.S. Air Force, Department of Homeland Security and the intelligence community
CONTACT: www.ubiqsecurity.com/contact-us/

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