Cloudbeds Raises $150M

TECH: Softbank Leads Series D Funding Round

In a funding round announced earlier this month, SoftBank Vision Fund 2 officially joined existing investors in Cloudbeds, adding additional financial firepower to the growing San Diego company’s market-leading, cloud-based hospitality management software platform.

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Cox Communications’ Sam Attisha Promoted to National Post

Sam Attisha has been named senior vice president of field operations for Cox Communications nationwide.

Qualcomm Reports Record Q4 Sales

TECH: Diversification Paying Big Dividends

In the weeks heading into the company’s annual Investor’s Day on Nov. 16, Qualcomm has seen its stock price take off as Wall Street seems increasingly certain the San Diego-based company’s big bet on diversification is already paying off.

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Classy Acquires Virtual/Hybrid Events Platform

SOFTWARE: Fondi Kicked Off as ‘Classy Live’ Earlier this Month

Classy, the giving platform that helps nonprofits connect supporters with the causes they care about, has unlocked new business growth via its first acquisition.

Drata Achieves Unicorn Status

SOFTWARE: Receives $100M in Series B Funds

The number of unicorns in San Diego grew by one this fall, as security software specialist Drata brought in its Series B round of venture capital. Drata announced the achievement Nov. 8.

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ResMed Posts Stellar Q1 Results

MANUFACTURING: Profits Jump 18% Amid Supply Chain Headwinds

San Diego-based ResMed (NASDAQ: RMD) posted strong quarterly results last week, beating analysts’ estimates even as ongoing supply chain bottlenecks slowed delivery and sales of the company’s marketing-leading sleep apnea machines and ventilators used to treat COVID patients.

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Qualcomm Vows to Achieve Net-Zero GHG Emissions by 2040

TECH: Company Commits to Science-Based Targets Initiative

On the same day the United Nation’s COP26 climate summit kicked off, Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM) vowed on its company blog to achieve “net-zero” global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2040.

Viasat to Acquire UK Rival Inmarsat for $7.3 Billion

Carlsbad-based Viasat (NASDAQ: VSAT) on Monday agreed to buy British competitor Inmarsat for $7.3 billion.

ClickUp Raises $400M Series C

TECH: SaaS Startup Sees Explosive Growth

San Diego-based ClickUp has raised $400 million in Series C funding — the single-largest funding round to date in the “workplace productivity” niche of the software-as-a-service (SaaS) market.

Groove Finds a Fit With San Diego’s Workforce

TECHNOLOGY: Bay Area Software Maker’s Product Aligns With Salesforce

Chris Rothstein is sold on San Diego. The co-founder and CEO of San Francisco-based Groove counts it as a fast-growing second home for his enterprise software company.

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Asterra Uses Satellite Data to Solve Engineering Problems

TECHNOLOGY: Detecting Water Underground Helps Authorities Manage Infrastructure

Conserve water. That is the call Californians have heard for years. An Israeli company with its North American office in Rancho Bernardo is taking a technological approach to helping authorities detect and fix pipeline leaks to save resources.

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Poirier Joins Aptera Motors

STARTUPS: SEV Co. Preparing for Production

San Diego-­based Aptera Motors has named Michael Poirier as the company’s new vice president of finance and technology. The key hire comes as the solar electric vehicle (SEV) startup also unveiled ‘Luna,’ the third model in its inaugural line of three-wheelers.

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Ransomware, Data Breaches Put Cos. to the Test

CYBERSECURITY: Events Offer Numerous Lessons About Security, Incident Response

If a baseball team has a losing season, a typical response is to fire the manager. If a company or an enterprise experiences a ransomware attack or a data breach, does the organization do the same for the person overseeing security? Perhaps but not always.

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Too Much Screen Time Poses Health Risks

5 Tips to Reduce Screen Time at Home and Work

Too much screen time has been linked to obesity and depression among people 18 and younger. But what about people 18 and older?

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ASML to Boost Staff, Fine-Tune Tech

CHIPS: Dutch Co. With Local Campus Forecasts Decade of Growth

Seeing fast and steady growth for its technology, ASML plans to grow its staff. With a San Diego workforce of approximately 1,500, the Dutch company that produces equipment for microchip foundries plans to grow its staff 10-15% in the coming year, adding approximately 140 employees in 2022.

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