Rady Children’s to Receive $200M Donation

Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego recently announced the single largest donation in its history.

Funding Goes to Cancer Drug Developers, Company Billed as the Anti-Theranos

Seeking and destroying lung cancer. Succeeding where Theranos failed. Treating resistant breast cancers.

New Vision at NuVasive

MEDICINE: Surgery Co. Appears To Be Making Right Moves

A year ago, Chris Barry became the CEO of NuVasive, one of San Diego’s largest medical device companies. It wasn’t a caretaker role.

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Illumina Could Sweeten Pot With Free Licenses

GENOMICS: Company Maneuvering to Get UK Approval of Acquisition

Illumina has proposed offering competitors free licenses to certain patents in hopes of getting U.K. regulatory approval to buy Pacific Biosciences.

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Toft Group Acquired By New Jersey Co.

BIOTECH: Founder to Remain as Chair

Thirteen years ago, Robin Toft landed in the emergency room with a colon cancer diagnosis.

Illumina Hopes IP Plan Wins Over U.K. Antitrust Regulator

Illumina has proposed offering competitors free licenses to certain patents in hopes of getting U.K. regulatory approval to buy Pacific Biosciences for $1.2 billion.

Presidium Health Raises $3.5 Million to Cut Down on ER Visits

Seniors and patients with chronic conditions are more likely to cycle through emergency rooms. So why not bring regular care to them?

Carlsmed Sees Personalized Medical Devices as the Future

Predictive Analytics Also Used To Develop Surgical Plans

Carlsmed is a San Diego-based company that uses predictive analytics to develop personalized treatments for adult spinal deformities.

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Daré to Acquire Biotech for Up to $101.5M

ACQUISITION: Tech Well-Suited for Women’s Health Applications

San Diego’s Daré Bioscience reached an agreement to acquire Microchips Biotech.

Biosero’s Software Is an Automating Force

BIOTECH: It Orchestrates Hardware, Informs Users

Shuffling test tubes. Jotting down temperatures. Labeling samples. It’s Biosero’s job to get them all to work together.

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Perlman Clinic Expands to Del Mar

Perlman Clinic has opened its ninth location – this one in the Del Mar Highlands Shopping Center.

Merck Agrees to Buy Calporta in Deal That Could Be Worth $576M

Calporta Had Been Seeking a Buyer or Financial Backing

In 2017, Merck & Co. cut short a late-stage clinical trial of an Alzheimer’s drug because it wasn’t helping patients.

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Ionis Bests Expectations With $168M in Revenue

PHARMA: Drug Brings In $82M in Q3 Sales; Net Income Is $18M

In first quarter earnings ResMed posted $681.1 million in revenue, a 16% year-over-year increase.

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HLI Raises $30 Million After a Valuation Plummet

Company Planned to Open Up Its Services to Middle-Class Market

Human Longevity Inc. has raised $30 million, a year after a letter from the company’s board signaled a cash crunch at the genomics outfit.

Toft Group Acquired by ZRG

ZRG bought Toft Group, an executive search firm based in San Diego, it was announced Nov. 14.