Canine to Five: Cos. Find Dogs a Welcome Addition

WORKFORCE: Buildings Adapt; Perk Appeals to Millennials

When Tien Nguyen and his three partners formed CPC Strategy — a digital marketing service in downtown San Diego — they invited the people they hired to bring their dogs to work.

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Learning Vital Lessons For the Next Climbs

When Aaron Fulkerson stepped down as CEO in May some 13 years into his tech startup MindTouch, he said he wanted to get away to reflect and recharge.

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PSemi’s Parent Company Keeps It Very Busy

TECH: San Diego Co. Is Turning Away Work, But Still Making Acquisitions

Jim Cable is back for another go-round as chief executive of PSemi Corp., the semiconductor unit of Japan-based Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

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Big Kitchen Software Knows Those Dashes, Dollops and Pinches Add Up

When Benji Koltai first developed the software behind Galley Solutions, he had no idea it would become the seed for a new company.

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Local VC Mirrors National Trend: Dollars Up, But Deals Down

FINANCE: San Diego Sees Two Deals Dominate

Big biotech deals drove record levels of capital investment, according to a report released Oct. 11 by Dow Jones VentureSource.

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Ionis, Roche Partner on Macular Degeneration Drug

Swiss drug giant Roche and Carlsbad’s Ionis Pharmaceuticals seem increasingly enamored with one another.

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Hire Signals Co.’s Strong Stake in Future Transportation

The coming of autonomous vehicles, as well as vehicles connected by radio, is a big deal for McCain Inc. The Vista-based company employs more than 500 people and specializes in advanced traffic control equipment, notably the electronics that run traffic signals.

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Parking Spaces Still Fill a Need, At Least, For the Near Future

Talk of Uber, Lyft, scooters and bicycles cutting demand for parking is just that so far — talk.

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SD 500 Update: Reality Changers Founder Steps Down After 17 Years

Christopher Yanov is stepping down from his executive director role at Reality Changers, the nonprofit he founded in 2001. He describes it as a founder’s dream, that the organization has a strong interim leader, a supportive board and a staff able to operate without him.

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Brick-and-Mortar Retail Gets Good Advice: Don’t Just Sit There

TECH: Platform Gives Outlets Real Time Data And Action Plans

As the digital retail space continues skyrocketing, Herofi, a marketing automation platform focused on physical stores, is hoping to get brick-and-mortar outlets on the same playing field as the Amazons of the world.

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Jack in the Box Franchisees Calling for Leadership Changes

San Diego-based Jack in the Box Inc. franchisees want chief executive officer, Leonard “Lenny” Comma, and the current leadership team out following a vote of “no confidence” that took place during its annual meeting in July.

Mobilizing Assets

A New Generation of Wealth Managers Adopts More Active Roles Spurred By Technology, Information, and Client Expectation

Anew generation of wealth managers is poised to take the reins of the profession from their elders, as the wealth management industry undergoes a series of significant changes, from a greater role for technology to evolving expectations on the part of investors.

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Big Multitasking Missions Not Strong Suit for Robo Advisers

INVESTING: Human Input Still Important; Many Platforms Offered

One trend in the field of investment advice doesn’t even involve a human financial adviser — the advent of the robo adviser, an online platform that takes in personalized information about you and spits out investment suggestions.

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San Diego's Wealthiest

The Wealthiest San Diegans list includes individuals with a primary residence in San Diego County.

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Museum Admission Program Opens Doors to New Audience


scondido Museum announced that it has joined Museums for All, a signature access program of the Institute of Museum and Library Services, administered by the Association of Children’s Museums, to encourage people of all backgrounds to visit museums regularly and build lifelong museum-going habits.

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We Are Building a Relic of a Trolley Extension

San Diego traffic is among the 20 worst metro markets in the country, according to the National Transportation and Safety Board. The new electric trolley extension from UC San Diego to downtown will supposedly reduce the traffic flow, but as a native San Diegan who went to UC San Diego over a decade ago it’s hard for me to imagine how.

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Sempra Pushes Farther Into Texas

After acquiring most of Dallas-based Oncor earlier this year, San Diego-based Sempra Energy wants to build on its investment in Texas with an investment totaling more than $1 billion in publicly traded InfraREIT.

Fallbrook Apartment Complex Sold For $6.9M

Complex has 48 apartments

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S.D. Startup Helps Corporations Harness Power from Unused Computers

Kazuhm, a distributed computing platform, recently was added to the portfolio of local fund Analytics Ventures.

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COMMENTARY: Next Governor Must Strengthen Cleantech Policies

This year, California overtook the U.K. to become the fifth-largest economy in the world, while also announcing it had hit its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions below 1990 levels four years ahead of schedule.

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