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P.B. Startup Focuses On Men’s Hair Care

Hair Craft Co., a company that produces and sells men’s hair products, is making a name for itself in a crowded industry and is seeing steady growth amid COVID-19.

The San Diego-based company sells water-based hair products for “the modern man,” its product lineup includes Hair Clay, Gel Pomade, Sea Salt Spray, and Beard Oil.

Founded in 2018

Founded in 2018, former marketers Leo Carrillo and Alex Padua got the idea for the company after frustration from the lack of high quality men’s grooming products available in the market.

“There weren’t a lot of brands actually following through with their hair care promises. After re-launch, we quickly became Amazon’s choice within a couple months organically based on the reviews and sales alone, which shifted our business a lot,” said Carrillo, co-founder and CEO of Hair Craft. “This year we launched a sea salt spray which was another big shift. The way that we look at products is based on what our customers want as well as other changes in the men’s fashion market.”

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More notably, the company has earned the Amazon’s Choice Badge across its product line and has serviced more than 45,000 customer across the globe.

In terms of market opportunity, the men’s grooming category is around $55 billion. It’s a smaller category compared to general men’s categories which includes shaving, shampoo, and women’s grooming categories, however the men’s grooming category has been growing increasingly year-over-year.

The majority of its distribution comes through Amazon, but it also generates about 16% sales from its Shopify website, the company said. Hair Craft currently has a 4.4-star rating on Amazon with more than 800 global reviews.

The company denied disclosing revenue projections for now, over the next several years the plan is to expand into major retailers.


The young company is primarily bootstrapped, Carrillo noted that the company may consider raising venture capital from investors as the business continues to scale.

“In the next five years, our big picture goal is that when people think of hair products they think of Hair Craft. It’s one-in-one, just like when you think of a tissue with Kleenex said Carrillo. “We want to be the brand that people look to for styling recommendations and for the best in-trend products.”


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