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Local Entrepreneur Launches PR Subscription Service

Michelle Metter, a local San Diego public relations professional, wants to help journalists file stories faster and more efficiently.

Launched August 2020, PitchBox Media is the only public relations box subscription service designed to help media discover brands, trends and story ideas, said Metter. The way the company works is subscribers receive two themed boxes via snail mail per month, curated by PitchBox’s in-house team of 12. So far, themes have included back-to-school, health and wellness, gadgets and self-care essentials, she said, adding that they are selected based on subscriber preferences.

With the subscription service model on the rise, Metter projects PitchBox, headquartered in El Cajon, will have a revenue of roughly $700,000 its first fiscal year.

Trend-Worthy Brands

“Prior to the pandemic, we were producing physical pitch events in New York and we had been doing that for many years – connecting brands with journalists for these power pitch networking events,” said Metter, a mother of two who graduated from San Diego State University with a journalism degree. “In March, everything came to a screeching halt. Prior to that, the team had talked about how to bring a cost-effective platform to brands and press market, changing the way how journalists look for their next story idea. COVID-19 just accelerated the launch of the company.”

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Not only do subscribers get a host of products from local and national trend-worthy brands like Neutrogena, Panera Bread, Califia Farms, Dermaclara beauty and Blenders Eyewear on a twice a month basis, they also have quick, one-click access to individual brand press rooms, said Metter. This means subscribers not only try out the products, they can also easily read reports on each item that include things like economics of said trend, among other subject matters.

“This is a valuable resource when filing a story and filing it faster,” said Metter.

Participating Partners

So far, PitchBox boasts roughly 350 members from media companies like BuzzFeed, Conde Nast, Cosmopolitan, Essence, Fast Company, Food Network, Good Housekeeping, Good Morning America, Goop, Real Simple Magazine, Refinery 29 and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. And, while the subscription is free for journalists and other members of the media (each who is vetted by the PitchBox team before membership is granted, said Metter), brands are charged a $5,000 fee per theme to participate.

By the end of the fiscal year, PitchBox will have worked with nearly 300 brand partners, added Metter, and hopes to reach 600 subscribers.


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