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Innovation and Startups

Helping Job Seekers

Sizigi, a digital platform for job seekers, is preparing to scale after successfully acquiring more than 5,000 users during its pilot program. 

“Sizigi is your all-in-one tool for a supercharged job hunt. We believe that there’s something to be passionate about in our individual professional journey, so we created a platform that allows professionals to do exactly that,” said Tony Malz, founder and CEO of Sizigi.

Founded in 2019, the company has already inked several strategic partnerships including IBM and Qualcomm. Sizigi is generating roughly $10,000 in monthly revenue.

The company recently launched its WeFunder crowdfunding campaign raising $110,000 from investors and will launch its product later this year. The funding will be used to accelerate our software development, expand our sales team, and increase our marketing spend, said Malz. 

Affordable Travel

RoomSteals, is a travel startup that helps people save money, starting with hotels.

Founded in 2019, by serial entrepreneur Nate Ritter. He launched the company after identifying a more affordable way to travel and book hotels. RoomSteals, is a chrome extension that lets you see wholesale hotel rates before booking.

Most companies, like Expedia and Booking, make money by marking up the hotel price or getting a commission (between 7 to 18%). RoomSteals doesn’t add margin or take commission, said Ritter.

Instead, through an annual subscription, RoomSteals members can book wholesale hotel rates on over 600,000 hotels worldwide, said Ritter.

Still in the early-stages, the company has over 1000 trial members on its platform and has seen double-digit growth month over month. 

Prior to RoomSteals, Ritter was the co-founder and CTO of Hotels for Hope, an Austin-based hotel tech startup which was later acquired by Charlotte-based ticket and hospitality company QuintEvents.

Building Homes

Buildable, a San Diego-based real estate startup is helping people locate land, design, and build their home without stress.

Founded in 2020, by real estate investor and marketing executive Nick Parisi and Michelle Pettycord co-founder and president.

The goal is to help home buyers have a stress-free experience.

“The ultimate goal for every homebuyer is to find the perfect home. They want the right location, design, and want to make the right investment,” said Nick Parisi, co-founder and CEO of Buildable. “Buildable enables you to be a land developer to maximize the value and equity of your new home build.”

“Our new approach partners you with the right experts to bring simplicity to the process of purchasing land and building a new home,” he said. 

Prior to Buildable, Parisi served as a tech executive helping Fortune 500 companies including Nike, Apple, and Samsung. Pettycord, is an A-licensed general contractor with over 30 years of experience delivering more than 1,000 homes. 


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