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GA-ASI Receives French Logistics Deal

The U.S. Air Force, acting on behalf of the French Air Force, awarded General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc. of Poway a $36.2 million modification to a previously awarded contract. The deal covers contractor logistics support for France’s MQ-9 Block Five and Block One aircraft.

The MQ-9 is an unmanned aircraft able to fly at 50,000 feet and collect imagery of the ground below. Some versions carry missiles or bombs. The same model flown by the U.S. Air Force goes by the name Reaper.

Work under the contract will be performed in Poway and is expected to be completed Dec. 31. The total cumulative face value of the contract is $73.3 million. The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio awarded the contract, announced on Dec. 18.

Barnhart-Reese Tapped for Building Project

The U.S. Navy awarded Barnhart-Reese Construction Inc., a small business based in Rancho Bernardo, a $19.1 million task order under previously awarded multiple-award construction contract for the design and construction of a new academic training building at Naval Air Weapons Station (NAWS) China Lake in the California desert. The task order also contains three unexercised options and two planned modifications which, if exercised, would increase the cumulative task order value to $21.6 million. The work to be performed provides for the design and construction of the P1924 Academic Training Building project, which includes the demolition of the current building and construction of a new building. The facility will take over functions performed in the previous training facilities which were damaged by the July 2019 earthquakes.

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The buildings function as the training center for basic required trainings as well as training events for the science, technology and acquisition workforce. The facility will include computer laboratories, science laboratories, training and multi-configurable classroom spaces; rooms enabled with video teleconference capabilities, classified lecture spaces, and administrative and support areas at NAWS China Lake. The planned modifications, if issued, provide for collateral equipment that includes audio-visual equipment and furniture, fixtures and other equipment. Work will be performed in Ridgecrest and is expected to be completed by April 2023. The Navy received four proposals for the work. The Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command Southwest of San Diego awarded the contract.

Kratos Satellite Deal Funded at $11.8M

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Inc. (Nasdaq: KTOS), announced on Dec. 29 that it received a delivery order valued at $22 million and funded at $11.8 million for satellite and communication system products, hardware and equipment. Kratos did not name its U.S. government customer. This modification is against a previously awarded contract.

This award is for mission activity and maneuver planning, telemetry processing, commanding, orbit and attitude management, resource management, space vehicle and ground system simulation, security, support planning and execution, training and testing. The modification will now sustain new capabilities such as virtualization, additional satellite constellation capacity and cybersecurity enhancements. Satellite state-of-health operations include launch, early orbit, on-orbit, anomaly resolution, disposal and backup operations.

“Kratos is one of the few commercial companies that can offer this mix of cutting edge technical solutions, products and services to support mission-specific requirements of defense applications,” said Phil Carrai, President of the Kratos Space, Training and Cyber Division. “Especially during this time of increasingly congested and contested space operations, we are pleased to continue support to the U.S. military with products and tailored solutions for protected, resilient military satellite operations.”

Kratos is based in Scripps Ranch.

Kratos Receives Logistics Deal on Aerial Targets

Kratos Defense also announced on Dec. 28 an additional $3.57 million from the U.S. Navy for the next option of its contractor logistics support (CLS) and engineering services contract supporting operations of the BQM-177A aerial target system. The unmanned target drone mimics an anti-ship cruise missile. It can fly as low as 6.6 feet off the surface of the ocean and is capable of speeds of 0.95 Mach, slightly less than the speed of sound.

Steve Fendley, president of Kratos Unmanned Systems Division, said, “Now that we’re beyond the full rate production acquisition milestone, we’ve entered the operations and sustainment phase of the SSAT lifecycle. CLS and engineering services are vital to ensuring the continuing adaptation, operations and maintenance of this agile, realistic and highly configurable aerial target system designed specifically for the Navy’s challenging threat representation missions. Kratos is proud to be providing this support today and for the future as the number of missions and operational sites increase.”

NAVAIR, the Naval Air Systems Command, awarded the contract. Work will be incrementally funded and conducted primarily in Kratos facilities in Sacramento and Point Mugu. When fully funded, the total contract value after exercise of this option is $7.4 million.


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