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Fitness Co. Opens First San Diego Site

The Exercise Coach, a Chicago-based smart fitness company, has entered the San Diego market.

With 115 franchisees and 105 locations across the country (and 32 in Japan), The Exercise Coach opened its first San Diego fitness studio in Rancho Bernardo last week.

At under 1,000 square feet, the location has nine pieces of equipment, said franchisee David Fernandez, and will host one-on-one classes to start and semi-private classes of up to four to be offered once it is safe to do so due to COVID-19. The opening will bring close to 10 jobs to the city, he said.

Two More Locations

For Fernandez, who plans to open two additional locations – in La Jolla and the Del Mar/Carmel Valley area – in the next two years, America’s Finest City presents the right environment for The Exercise Coach’s west coast expansion.

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“Not only San Diego, but California altogether is the perfect state because people here are very mindful of the importance of exercising,” said Fernandez, a San Diego resident himself. “These locations are perfect for our target customer, which is the individual who is too busy to spend a great deal of time at the gym or people that don’t like the gym scene or don’t enjoy working out or have a present injury or are afraid of getting hurt. Combine that and an offer like ours is perfect. I’m sure the San Diego market is going to do great for us.”

Brian Cygan, CEO of The Exercise Coach, agrees.

“California has always been a leader in the fitness industry,” he said, adding that the company was founded in 2000 and began franchising in 2011. “California, for us, is a state that has a ton of potential in terms of the number of locations we can operate there. We were excited to grow to 100 locations before we launched in California. But now we are really excited because we think opening in California can really propel our growth over the next few years. We are excited to help the people of California and beyond stay in great shape so they can maximize their active lifestyles.”

Smart Fitness Technology

What sets The Exercise Coach apart from other boutique-style gyms in San Diego is its smart fitness technology, according to Cygan.

It uses a scientific approach to exercise called Exerbotics, a strength system founded in 2004 and acquired by The Exercise Coach in 2015. The method, he said, is designed to guarantee a user will get optimal results and reach full physical fitness potential. To do so, it provides a tool that maximizes muscle recruitment to measure accurate force output from each user. The outcome, said Cygan, isn’t really dependent on the amount of time one spends exercising but on the quality of the work being performed.

That’s why clients, who can sign up for month-to-month memberships or individual classes, are only required to work out at The Exercise Coach twice a week, 20 minutes per session, he said.

“Effective strength training enables people to get maximum, total body benefits in much less time than more traditional approaches,” he said. “This means that our approach is based on science that proves muscle quality is more important than movement quantity. This means people who are busy, don’t have a lot of time to exercise or have physical limitations can actually get the results that matter most to them personally from a safe, 20-minute workout powered by our technology and coaches.”

Additionally, Fernandez and Cygan believe The Exercise Coach will be a studio of choice for many San Diegans, particularly during the pandemic, as they have smaller footprints and only conduct private lessons per time slot for now. Cygan added that because the Rancho Bernardo studio is smaller, it is easy to control the cleaning and stay in line in terms of capacity.


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