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Rev Expands AI-Powered ‘Exegraphics’ Platform

SOFTWARE: EV Lenses Provide Broad Info

One of the most vexing problems in sales is figuring out who to sell to in the first place. San Diego-based Rev is working to solve that problem through its AI-powered Sales Development Platform that helps B2B companies find their next best customers.

Jonathan Spier CEO Rev

“This question of who I should be targeting – it changes everything,” said Rev CEO Jonathan Spier. “It raises your hit rate when you do initial outreach. It also raises your close rate down the way. It changes your average selling price, and it changes your customer attention. Every metric gets better if you’re talking to higher fit customers.”

The Rev platform’s metrics are differentiated from other sales lead generation platforms because of its use of what the company calls “exegraphics” – key data points that convey how a company executes its mission.

Most sales platforms use what is known as “firmographics” – typically, information about a company’s industry and size, measured by number of employees or revenue. Firmographics is still considered “state-of-the-art” and there are lots of databases available for sales teams to use, Spier said.

“But the problem is there’s too many companies that are what we call ‘firmographic twins,’” he added. “If that’s all the information you have, then CAT and John Deere are essentially the same company, and as a sales team you go call on them equally.”

Beyond industry and size, exegraphics offer another set of deeper patterns such as whether a company is an early adopter or late adopter of technologies, or whether they sell B2B or B2C or both. The Rev platform offers a library of over 500 different exegraphics and customers are also able build their own, Spier said.

To acquire the exegraphic data used to power its platform, Rev utilizes AI’s unique pattern matching abilities, which are suited for sales needs, Spier said, because “finding your next customer is a pattern-matching challenge.”

Exegraphic Upgrade

Last month, Rev announced an upgrade to its platform with a new category of exegraphics the company dubbed “EV lenses.”

Rev’s EV lenses focus on fast moving and fast changing data of significant financial events like whether a company is opening or closing offices, or if a company is hiring or are they doing layoffs.

“That’s one our customers are particularly interested in right now because it’s hard to sell to a company that is maybe downsizing and closing offices and the ones that are growing and upsizing are much more attractive,” Spier said.

Aaron Owens
RevOps Executive Consultant
Intelligent Demand

EV lenses are powerful enough to monitor a company’s hiring for specific organizational roles, indicating growth in certain departments such as IT, sales, marketing and product development. EV lenses also monitor if target accounts have acquired a new business, technology or received venture funding, which would also spur growth and the need for specific solutions.

“As a revenue growth agency, we’re already leveraging Rev’s exegraphics to help clients reveal the ‘hidden personality’ of their best current customers and to find other similar accounts to target,” said Aaron Owens, executive consultant of RevOps for Denver-based Intelligent Demand, a Rev customer. “Now, with event-based exegraphics, we are able to further focus our clients’ GTM investments on accounts that are showing current triggers and behaviors, instead of waiting for lagging intent signals. For our clients, EV lenses are all about getting ahead of the competition instead of playing catch-up.”


Founded: 2013
CEO: Jonathan Spier
Headquarters: San Diego
Business: Sales development platform for B2B companies
Employees: 60
Website: www.getrev.ai
Notable: Rev clients include top companies like Google, Salesforce, IBM, Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle, PWC, Quest and more.


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