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Cutwater Spirits Launches New Flavor

Cutwater Spirits, the Miramar-based distillery, restaurant and bar, has released a new canned cocktail flavor just in time for the holidays.

Made available earlier this month, White Russian features Cutwater Vodka blended with a house-made coffee cream liqueur. At 14% ABV (alcohol by volume), the latest addition marks Cutwater Spirits’ 19th canned cocktail as part of its ready-to-enjoy lineup. The White Russian, with notes of vanilla ice cream, coffee, mocha and hints of waffle cone, is now available nationwide at a price of $12.99 per pack of four.

“When we came up with the fun idea of making a White Russian in a can, we set out to create something totally different than anything else out there in the ready-to-drink format,” said Yuseff Cherney, master distiller and co-founder of Cutwater Spirits. “This is exactly the drink you want in your hand this winter and tastes especially awesome when you’re wearing your favorite bathrobe.”

11 New Products

Cutwater Spirits is the largest distillery in San Diego County and arguably in all of California. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the company’s eight figure annual revenue has increased by about 110% so far and 97% of that is from sales of canned drinks. This includes Gin and Tonic, Rum and Ginger, Bloody Mary and Mai Tai.

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By the end of 2020, Cutwater Spirits will have released 11 new products this year, said Shreyas Balakrishnan, general manager. New products are responsible for 27% of the company’s growth over the past year, he said.

So far, sales of the White Russian drink are doing very well, he added.

19 Canned Cocktails

“Innovation is a huge part of our DNA at Cutwater Spirits. Our Founder and Master Distiller Yuseff Cherney and the team are constantly coming up with new ideas to grow our award-winning portfolio,” said Balakrishnan. “We currently have 19 canned cocktails and 20 bottled spirits across nearly every category, including tequila, rum, vodka, gin and whiskey, so, we really do make something for everyone… Our White Russian is inspired by one of my favorite movies, and it is a great cocktail for the winter months.”

2021 will be another exciting year for Cutwater Spirits, said Balakrishnan, with a continued focus on quality and innovation. The company is planning to release new products in all categories, he said, including some new fruit variations to its margarita canned cocktail, new bottled spirits and more frozen cocktail pops. 


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