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New ‘Hot Jobs’ List Has Common Thread: Computers

Recent college graduates with skills in software development, database mining, web development, and network administration are in hot job markets, according to the latest report from the UC San Diego Extension college.

Using data from the U.S. Department of Labor and awarding points in four categories, the study came up with a top 10 list of the hottest jobs for recent college graduates.

In order they are: software developer (systems software); physical therapists and assistants; software developer (applications); market research analysts/data miners; cost estimators; database administrators; information security analysts; web developers; computer network architects; and network and computer systems administrators.

Besides current job openings, the analysis included the 10-year projected job growth, median wage and the work environment. The latter factored in such things as stress tolerance, time pressures and the amount of time dealing with unpleasant or angry people, the report said.

The ranking also considered the ability to transition from another career path, whether graduates from another field could meet entry level requirements in the selected job with two years or less of training.

After processing all the data, the report found some clear trends. Ten of the highest ranked 18 jobs were in computer-related fields, five were in medical, and three were engaged in some type of cost estimation such as financial advisers and management analysts.

Mary Walshok, associate vice chancellor and dean of UC San Diego Extension, said young graduates are often discouraged by their career horizons while working in low-paid jobs. “What we have learned through our work at UC San Diego Extension is that college grads increasingly need bridges to high-quality employment.”

The Extension college has some 56,000 enrollees annually in about 4,300 courses.

To access the entire report, go to http://extension.ucsd.edu/specialreports.


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