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City Employees Win Bid to Run Miramar Landfill

San Diego city employees at the Miramar Landfill were the latest to retain their work following the announcement by Mayor Jerry Sanders that the group’s proposal in a managed competition with outside vendors saves the city the most money.

According to Sanders’ office, the landfill operation’s costs will be reduced by at least $2.7 million annually over the next five years because of a variety of reductions that the city’s Environmental Services Department plans to make as part of its bid to obtain the contract.

The accepted proposal includes reducing the department’s staff by 11 full-time positions. The bid also includes reductions in equipment use, amended scheduling, and reduced use of consulting services, the Mayor’s Office said.

This is the fourth city service put out to bid for possible private vendors that resulted in the city departments winning the work back.

The process known as managed competition was mandated by city voters in 2006 but the program didn’t actually begin until 2010 due to internal squabbles over how the program would be implemented.

Three other functions that were put out to bid through the managed competition program and retained by city staffers are printing, vehicle fleet maintenance and street sweeping.

The city plans to do more outsourcing. It put the street and sidewalk maintenance service out to bid recently, and is considering contracting for its utilities customer service, storm water facilities operations, transportation engineering, and capital improvement program delivery, according to Sanders’ office.

“I believe trash collection could be done more efficiently and at a substantial cost savings to our taxpayers,” Sanders said.

— Mike Allen


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