In honor of Black History Month this year, the San Diego Business Journal is dedicating a special section in each February issue to tell these inspiring stories. In each issue we will feature stories of businesses in various local industries.

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See below the incredible stories of Black-owned business in San Diego.

Teaching Life Skills, Confidence and Self-Defense the Sidekicks Way

In the mid-1960s as a young man growing up in large, broken family with eight siblings in Oklahoma City, Maurice Orange said it was deeply disturbing to watch his older sisters fall into patterns of different forms of abuse from their significant others.

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Dancing with the Stars in Clairemont Mesa

Nobody in Summer Williams’ family is surprised that she has a flourishing career as a dance instructor.

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Caring for Children Is Life’s Work for Angela Carroll

Like many young children, Angela Carroll’s plan when she was a young girl was to become a teacher. She never lost sight of that goal, and when she got older, that plan got a little uptick.

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Docfully Founder Helping Those Most in Need

Facilitating care for the people who need it most is something Jacques Stroud understands.

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Happy2Help Transportation: Keeping Family Happy and Healthy

Happy2Help Transportation’s motto is “We’re here because we want to be,” but if the company’s founder, San Diego native Phil Fowler, had his own motto, it might just very well be “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

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Founders First Capital Partners is Model of Success

Founders First Capital Partners founder, chair and CEO Kim Folsom has always worked hard to shatter glass ceilings and overcome roadblocks in her career as a Black woman.

Finding Your Inner Fitness Fanatic – In 20 Minutes

Amy Minnick traded her time inside a laboratory to put her science knowledge to work in a different way as a fitness trainer in East County.

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Maye-Williams Active: Making Clothing for Overlooked, Underrepresented Fitness Fans

When Covid-19 scrapped their fairytale wedding plans in 2020, Mycah Bacchus Maye-Williams and Shaun Maye-Williams didn’t let the setback stop them from working together to create something special.

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Health is Wealth: The Write Stuff for the Body, the Community and the World

Born into a family that paid close attention to their health needs, Joshlyn Turner spends much of her adult life helping others take better care of their bodies.

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Pickens Creative Taps Entrepreneur's Storytelling and Strategic Talents

A six-year stint in the United States Navy landed Gabriella Pickens in San Diego. Running her own independent communications company has kept the Chicago native here.

Nasara Gargonnu: San Diego’s Fitness Fanatic

During the week, Nasara Gargonnu is a physical education teacher at Morse High School – where he was named Teacher of the Year in 2019 – running kids through the gamut of all things fitness.

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Altipiano Vineyard & Winery: A Little Bit of Italy in Escondido

Denise Clarke has taken a unique path over the years on her way to guiding a top boutique vineyard and winery with a tasting room, barrel room, crush facility and four guest rooms in Escondido.

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Getting F.A.N.C.Y. in San Diego

Nurturing and mentoring middle school and high school girls across San Diego County, helping them find their best paths in life is a passion for Tinesia Conwright.

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Tropical Vegan Café: A Tropical Delight in La Mesa

Food has always been a passion for Geannie Hyacinthe, a native of South Florida who moved to San Diego with her family in 2009.

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The Bright App Connects Personal Trainers with Fitness Seekers

You might think Nerissa Zhang prescient. Six months before COVID-19 became the underlying factor in nearly every aspect of life, the fitness-focused Zhang started an online app that allows personal trainers to connect with fitness seekers -- and vice versa – called The Bright App.