Celebrating Asian and Pacific Islander Entrepreneurs - Week II

SDBJ is collaborating with the Asian Business Association San Diego throughout Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

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R3fresh Finds its Niche on Convoy Street

RESTAURANTS: Owner-operator Joe Kao Chooses Juice Over Boba

Joe Kao was getting things done starting his business, a café on Convoy Street in Kearny Mesa, when he ran into a snag.

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Proven Recruiting Helps Cos. Find Needed Talent

SERVICES: Firm Aims to Grow Business to $50 Million

In 2007, Louis Song and Ingram Losner started Proven Recruiting as the answer to a growing concern  —  the fact that most recruiting firms were grueling places to work.

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Restaurant Operator Follows in Parents’ Footsteps

DINING: Cris Liang Owns Three Eateries in Kearny Mesa

When Cris Liang graduated from UCSD with a BS degree in structural engineering in the early 2000s, he never imagined he’d follow in his parents' footsteps and own his own restaurant years later.

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Local Architect Says He is Living the American Dream

ARCHITECTURE: International Firm Known for Striking and Prominent Buildings

While in high school, Joseph Wong helped out in his parents’ restaurant with little idea of what he wanted to do with his life. “I had a very good drafting teacher at San Diego High School,” Wong said. ... “He suggested, ‘What about being an architect?’ It was like a light bulb.”

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Boba Bar and Desserts Serves Internationally Influenced Treats

FOOD: Tiffany Tran Turned Her Love of Bubble Tea into a Business

Behind each sweet treat served at Boba Bar and Desserts is inspiration from shop owner, Tiffany Tran’s travels throughout Asia.

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Turning Tough Challenges into Success

RESTAURANTS: Tofu House Grows During Pandemic and Plans to Franchise

Joonsok Kim, said he couldn’t sleep at all the day it was announced that restaurants had to stop serving food indoors due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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He Went from Parking Cars to Owning a Law Firm

LEGAL: Attorney Specializes in Immigration Cases

Harsh treatment was behind Peter D. Chu’s decision to become a lawyer specializing in immigration cases.

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Celebrating Asian and Pacific Islander Entrepreneurs

SDBJ is collaborating with the Asian Business Association San Diego throughout Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

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The Vision Endures at Convoy Street’s Dumpling Inn

RESTAURANTS: Vietnam, China, Kentucky, O.C. All Make Their Mark on Eatery

It’s been quite a run, the last six years at Dumpling Inn & Shanghai Saloon.

Building Bridges Through Culture

EVENTS: Social Artistry Creates Community and Connections Even During the Pandemic

While the pandemic may have shuttered large gatherings and celebrations, it didn’t stop Lauren Balcita Garces from starting her own event production company in 2020.

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Printing Co. Exceeds Customers Expectations

MARKETING: Firm Has Served Over 45,000 Customers Worldwide

San Diego-based Printivity, an online printing company continues to find success after more than a decade in the business. Founded in 2010, Printivity was started by founder and CEO Lawrence Chou and was built from the ground up.

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Korean Flavors Meet Southern Cooking

RESTAURANTS: Cross Street Chicken and Beer Meshes Cultures

It was during a trip to Seoul, Korea, in the early 2010s that Tommy Nguyen and his wife Grace Chi became inspired to introduce a Korean fried chicken food concept to San Diego.

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Using Creativity and Code to Amplify Stories

TECH: Catherine Eng Designs Programs for People to Learn and Connect

As a kid, Catherine Eng dreamed of being an artist. Her creative curiosity drove her to teach herself coding and inspired her to share this skill with students through her educational STEM program, Design Code Build.

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