Consolidated Concepts created the banner and table used at The San Diego LGBT Community Center’s Open House celebration. Photo courtesy The San Diego LGBT Community Center

Consolidated Concepts created the banner and table used at The San Diego LGBT Community Center’s Open House celebration. Photo courtesy The San Diego LGBT Community Center

Walking in his maternal grandfather’s footsteps was not the plan Todd Cazin had in mind for his career, but for more than 20 years, the San Diego native has partly “copied” what has worked for his family’s nearly 70-year-old company.


Todd Cazin Owner Consolidated Concepts

Cazin has owned and operated Consolidated Concepts since 2002, a company that helps businesses with their commercial printing and promotional item needs.

The company, which prides itself on being “your total print resource,” helps connect clients to vendors, screen printers, embroidery outfits and graphic designers. It also helps with mailing needs, offset printing and helping with design ideas.

Consolidated Concepts specializes in printed items for customers – emblazoning companies’ logos and businesses’ mantras on popular items like pens, magnets and business checks as well as shirts, banners and vehicle wraps. But personalized jigsaw puzzles, tools and jewelry are also part of the company’s offerings.

“I never saw myself in this business,” said the 1993 graduate of Mira Mesa High School. “But I definitely inherited the entrepreneurial gene from my grandfather. And here I am going down that same road.”

Cazin’s grandfather, Frank Reed, and later his grandmother, Gwen Reed, ran a company that is still in business today, Capitol Blue Print. Launched in 1954 in Springfield, Ill., the company originally was a one-machine operation, but later expanded to include color, Xerox, oversize color, blackline and finishing services.

Before his 1998 graduation from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where he majored in graphic communication and concentrating on print management, Cazin even had an internship at his grandfather’s company. Cazin said he was working for other printing companies for several years but became bored with sales work and decided to go into business for himself in 2000.

Working with the LGBT Community

A large and important part of his business has become working with local lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender companies. He said when he first moved his office from Scripps Ranch to the heart of the Hillcrest area, it coincided with the time he said he was “coming out of the closet.” He said he joined the LGBT Chamber of Commerce in 2008 and began to get more involved with the LGBT community.

“Around that time I started connecting with graphic designers doing nonprofit work with places like Mama’s Kitchen and Serving Seniors,” Cazin said. “Even now, most of my clients are nonprofits. I started working with the LGBT Community Center. The LGBT community helped get my name out there and got me more comfortable in my business.”

Cazin said that he has been working remotely and out of several sites since before the COVID-19 pandemic and his “ultimate plan” is to create a working space called where people in the LGBTQ+ business community would feel safe and find business-focused services and collaborative partners.

“It would be a place where people could do their business and be around other people running their own businesses,” he said.  “There would also be a program for entrepreneurs who want to start their own business but don’t know where to begin.” He said he even had a name picked out for the enterprise – “Fuel,” and its aspects would be related to “fueling all the plans.”

In an era in which society seems is enamored with the internet for communication needs, Cazin said his family’s Springfield printing business is still going strong after more than seven decades. Cazin has found that despite the ease of email, people still greatly appreciate the printed word.

“I’m all about communication,” Cazin said. “I do mailings a few times a year because people love going to their mailbox and getting a letter. I remember at Valentine’s Day when we were little kids, we gave Valentine’s Day cards and we all loved that. So, in February I print out cards that say, ‘We love you as a client.’ And at Thanksgiving I send out cards saying Thank you for your business, and here’s a $10 gift card.’ I almost always get a response.”

Consolidated Concepts
CEO: Todd Cazin
BUSINESS: Commercial printing
CONTACT: (619) 295-9877
NOTABLE: Cazin is a second-generation San Diegan whose father graduated from Mission Bay High School.