San Diego Business Journal pSemi Corp., a maker of electronic components based in the Miramar area, has announced the appointment of Tatsuo Bizen as its CEO, effective April 1. Succeeding interim CEO Takaki Murata, Bizen joins pSemi from parent company Murata, where for more than 30 years he has served in a variety of global leadership roles in the United States, Japan and Europe. He brings an extensive background in radio frequency (RF) and power management, and according to the company, a passion for driving innovation.


Tatsuo Bizen CEO pSemi Corp.

“pSemi is vital to Murata’s future as our business increasingly focuses on differentiated semiconductor solutions. In our search for a pSemi CEO, it was critical that we found the right match — someone who would guide and enhance the vision we have for pSemi,” said Murata, interim CEO at pSemi. “I am confident that Bizen-san can fulfill and further pSemi’s vision to connect the world and Murata with cutting-edge semiconductor technologies in RF, power management and sensors.”

Decades of Experience

A Murata employee since 1985, Bizen last served as vice president of the power module division. From 2012 to 2015, he was president and CEO of the Murata Power Solutions subsidiary headquartered in Massachusetts. Bizen spent the three years prior as head of Murata’s global corporate marketing.
 From 2007 to 2009, he was president and CEO of SyChip Inc., a Texas-based Murata subsidiary that provided RF chip-scale modules. His earlier experience includes involvement in the development of RF modules such as electronic TV tuners and circuit modules for wireless communication, and product management for RF components and modules in Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden.

“I am honored and eager to lead pSemi to new heights as CEO,” says Bizen. “Since the Murata acquisition in 2014, I have worked closely with pSemi employees, who have always impressed me with their hard work, can-do attitudes and inventive ideas.”

pSemi currently has approximately 600 employees worldwide. The business builds on Peregrine Semiconductor’s 30-year legacy of technology advancements and strong IP portfolio but with a new mission: to enhance Murata’s world-class capabilities with high-performance RF, analog and mixed-signal solutions. With a strong foundation in RF integration, pSemi’s product portfolio now spans power management, connected sensors, antenna tuning and RF front ends. These intelligent and efficient semiconductors enable advanced modules for smartphones, base stations, personal computers, electric vehicles, data centers, IoT devices and healthcare.