San Diego Business Journal San Diego Architect Agustin Pizá, who has been director for the past 20 years of Pizá Golf a company known for challenging golf norms and redefining golf facilities with award-winning next generation designs is introducing a new golf entertainment concept.


Agustin Pizá Director Pizá Golf


Anita Sokolsky Senior Manager CBIZ

His company, Pizá Golf is introducing the NextLinks eGolf Arena, a location-based entertainment golf complex that he says will grow the game of golf by engaging and entertaining every demographic and generation. Joining forces with infrastructure and technology expert, David Shulz, the NextLinks eGolf Arena is designed to be an unparalleled venue and family friendly destination that they say will spur golf to be the fastest growing game in indoor gaming.

Currently, the company is scouting San Diego locations.

Pizá Golf is counting on their indoor games to allure business people who have limited time. This is because the technology can be utilized and adjusted to people’s busy schedules. Golf shots can also be adjusted and the simulators make for great teaching devices.

“The strategy behind the design is to provide real shot values that can be challenging or easy as the player wants. MextLinks eGolf Arena can be played by an avid golfer or a non-golfer. This is what we strive for ‘growing the game we love’ and with respect to sustainability on all levels, ecologically, social, and economically,” said Pizá.

NextLinks board of directors include Ed Colson, a resident of Carlsbad; Brandel Chamblee, Golf Channel analyst; Dan Mechem, former press secretary to Sen. John McCain and Charlie Mechem, senior advisor.

Recenly, NextLinks has engaged the advisory services of Paul Nation and Anita Sokolsky from CBIZ Infrastructure Advisory Group, San Diego, for strategic growth planning as well as project construction financing.

Pizá earned his bachelor’s degree in architecture design from ITESM and was the first Mexican-American to receive master’s degree in golf course architecture from Edinburgh University in Scotland.

He has also been recognized as a rising architectural star by Golf Magazine.