San Diego Business Journal More shared electric scooters are coming to San Diego. Lime, the leading provider of shared electric vehicles announced last week that they are coming back to San Diego, initially with 500 scooters and scaling up to 2,000 within the next few weeks.
The company had pulled out of San Diego in January of 2020 after receiving wrath from local residents about safety and parking and − according to the company at the time − to reduce costs. However, the new Gen 4 scooters being deployed are both smoother and safer than previous models, according to Lime.

In addition, the company is emphasizing safe riding and responsible parking and working with the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition.

“We are thrilled to return to San Diego this fall and we plan to be here for the long haul. We have the unique mix of global and local experience to design the best possible program for the city with industry leading hardware in our Gen4 scooters and we hope to bring our e-bikes here soon as well. We understand the keys to success in San Diego are safe riding, proper parking, and affordable transportation for all and we can’t wait to launch and operate a program built on those foundations,” said Karla Owunwanne, Lime’s director of government relations.

Lime is also promising to use incentives and educational messages within its app to encourage safety and proper parking in parking corrals. It is also hoping to soon bring shared e-bikes to San Diego.


October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month and over the next four weeks the San Diego Business Journal will be featuring stories about industry trends along with essential information to help businesses improve their cyber hygiene. Experts all agree that security works best when it is ingrained in the culture of an organization and as remote working becomes a new standard for many companies, user security awareness has become even more important. This week reporter Brad Graves looked at the concepts and future  of passwords and cybersecurity basics. See pages 1 and 8.

Recently Lisa Easterly, president and CEO of the nonprofit Cyber Center of Excellence said it best when she said, “I think we’re finally getting to a point where everyone realizes cyber is everyone’s business.”