San Diego Business Journal  Escient Pharmaceuticals, a biotech company focused on the therapeutic potential of specific orphan GPCRs, has named Christian Weyer as its president and chief medical officer. Dr. Weyer has held executive leadership positions in several private and publicly traded companies, including Intercept Pharmaceuticals, ProSciento Inc., and Fate Therapeutics, among others.  "Escient's platform holds tremendous promise and I'm excited to join the company at this pivotal time of pipeline expansion and program advancement," said Weyer. "Escient has an unmatched knowledge of the biology of Mrgprs and a unique set of capabilities to develop novel therapies targeting these receptors. This has enabled the company to identify a set of promising drug candidates with the potential to address an expansive number of debilitating diseases in need of novel treatments." Escient Pharmaceuticals was founded in 2017. Escient's co-founders are Baron and chief scientific officer Marcus Boehm. Dong is also a company founder. Headquartered in Torrey Pines Mesa, it has 39 employees. "Christian is a proven business leader with a long track record of success in leading research and development organizations and we are pleased to welcome him to the Escient team," said Alain Baron, chief executive officer of Escient. "His insights and experience will be instrumental as we continue to build our pipeline and advance our lead product candidates, targeted inhibitors of MrgprX4 and MrgprX2, into and through clinical development."