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WowYow, a North Park-based visual artificial intelligence company, has received investment from Launch Factory and Andy Ballester, the co-founder of GoFundMe. 


Brad Chisum, CEO, Launch Factory

Founded in 2016, by Michael Ramirez, Adam Boskovich and Jarett Boskovich. Its software leverages computer vision to “see” videos without manually watching them.
WowYow helps publishers like The Hill, Gannett and CNN Newsource, automate the placement of relevant advertisements on their video content. It has over 5,000 advertisers in its network, and can automatically generate ads and fill them into an unmonetized slot.
“WowYow is paving the future of video advertising,” said Brad Chisum, CEO and co-founder of Launch Factory. “It is one of those rare and special companies where the innovation doesn’t stop with their technology. They are just as innovative in how they approach their business and it shows.”


Jerae David, Co-Founder, Head2Toe

Fashion Startup
Head2Toe, is a Chula Vista-based fashion startup helping people shop virtually through its social commerce platform.
Founded in 2015, by local entrepreneurs Eric Mathews and Jerae David. Head2Toe’s mission is to advance mobile apparel shopping through a social-driven fashion marketplace.
Through its mobile app, it provides a platform for fashion brands to sell products and for consumers to shop online tailored to their fashion interests. Head2Toe is available on the App store and plans to re-launch later this year.
“Head2Toe is creating the Fashion Mall of the Future. Our mission is to advance mobile apparel shopping and innovate today’s reality for fashion and apparel consumers,” said Jerae David, co-co-founder of Head2Toe. “We are making shopping for anything from “Head2Toe” convenient, functional, and seamless.”


Nicholas Peterson, Founder, Lazy Surfer

Riding the Wave
Lazy Surfer, a San Diego-based startup wants to help surfers find the perfect wave.
Founded in 2019, by local software engineer and entrepreneur Nicholas Peterson. Lazy Surfer is an app for surfers, bodyboarders and windsurfers. It serves as a digital “surf log” to enable personalized surf forecasts.
In particular, Lazy Surfer’s app remembers the conditions of past surf sessions and can inform the user when there are similar conditions elsewhere. In addition, it has the ability to create personalized recommendations based on wave, wind, and tide information.
“I built Lazy Surfer after I had a magical session in April 2019. I knew that I needed to do everything I could to increase the chances of a session like that happening again,” said Nick Peterson, founder of Lazy Surfer. “Today, we’re scratching an itch — many users tell us they’ve been searching for something like this for years. We’ve just got to keep getting the word out.”