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San Diego Angel Conference (SDAC), a University of San Diego School of Business program that activates accredited angel investors and engages promising early-stage companies that drive the innovation ecosystem, recently kicked off its fourth angel conference series.
With 125 early-stage companies expected to apply -- and an estimated $500,000+ going to the winner and runners up in varied award amounts -- SDAC has become the largest angel investor program in the country, awarding more than $2.8 million in funding to 11 startups over the last three years. 
SDAC provides mentorship, education, resources and valuable connections to early-stage companies seeking angel funding as it engages first-time and experienced angel investors interested in building their investment portfolios.
The application deadline for entrepreneurs for the next conference series is December 15. Investors will begin reviewing deals in January.
The San Diego Angel Conference is seeking a diverse set of early-stage companies seeking funding that have the potential for a 10x return on investment within five years and a management team capable of executing the plan. 
The SDAC is accepting applications from the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Entrepreneurs can apply at
In March 2021, third conference series winner Advocat Technologies was awarded $295,000 in funding for its artificial intelligence (AI) research and drafting solution for enterprise legal departments, with more than $400,000 split evenly among runners up ChargeNet Stations, Abterra Biosciences, Fluid Power AI and Verity.  
“The funding we received through SDAC enabled us to further develop our technology and ramp up marketing as we advance our mission to leverage AI enabling attorneys to do more in less time,” said Advocat Technologies CEO Pradnya Desh. “Apart from the funding, the coaching, connections, and the ‘stamp of approval’ from SDAC angel investors has been invaluable. As a result, we closed our $1.33M funding round within two weeks of winning SDAC III.”
SDAC title sponsor V Teams, a software development company that works with companies ranging from startups to those publicly traded, believes the program provides the "critical funds, contacts and tools startups need to thrive."
"Angel investing is imperative to the growth and evolution of innovation. Without it, we wouldn’t have pioneering companies like Uber, Airbnb, or Coinbase, all of which started at humble beginnings and actively sought investors to propel their businesses,” said V Teams CEO Mark Mian. “As a technology company, we seek out cutting-edge solutions that can disrupt the market. This is at the core of what most investors consider when investing. SDAC supports innovation by finding potentially disruptive companies and connecting them with angel investors."
SDAC Founder Mysty Rusk agrees. 
“Our mission at SDAC is to activate new investors and connect them to great companies to enhance the innovation ecosystem. We provide the contacts and mentoring required to ‘Get to yes!’,” said Rusk. “The University of San Diego enthusiastically leads the way when it comes to values-driven free enterprise and wealth generation that happens on a level playing field. The network created among the entrepreneurs, partners, sponsors, and investors leads to invaluable professional connections that live far beyond our program.”
SDAC activates a healthy deal flow by partnering with top California universities including USD, SDSU and UCSD, resulting in introductions to early-stage companies eager to turn discoveries into ventures. 
SDAC also partners with 20+ organizations in the startup ecosystem. 
Conference sponsors include V Teams, USD, Mintz, SDSU, First Republic Bank, Coeptus Law, Clearpoint Agency and UCSD.
SDAC will host additional events for angels and investors that culminate in the conference and finale in 2022. For a complete list of those events, visit: