San Diego Business Journal

The Conrad Prebys Foundation Board of Directors has approved a $1 million grant for Tri-City Hospital Foundation’s Emergency Department redesign.


“The Conrad Prebys Foundation is pleased to support your impactful work, especially in the moment in history - when the need in our world has deepened tremendously,” said Erin Decker, Conrad Prebys Foundation’s director of grantmaking. “Thank you for your resilience as we continue to battle a global pandemic and for the tireless work you have done - pivoting programming to best serve your constituents and undertaking innovative fundraising approaches to sustain your organization. The path ahead is certainly not a smooth one, but it is organizations like Tri-City who will heal our community in the months and years to come. The Conrad Prebys Foundation is honored to be a part of your story as we move forward together.” 


Jennifer Paroly, president of Tri-City Hospital Foundation, added: “We are deeply honored by the generosity of The Conrad Prebys Foundation. This grant will significantly support Tri-City Medical Center’s project to completely renovate the medical center’s emergency room entrance,  patient and family waiting area, lighting, triage area and Station A, one of the three major treatment areas in the ED. This redesign will improve Tri-City Medical Center’s already excellent outcomes by streamlining the triage process to decrease wait times and improve the patient experience. We couldn’t be more appreciative.”


Tri-City Medical Center is home to acclaimed emergency room-based programs in heart attack and stroke care. In addition to its reputation in cardiovascular and stroke care, the ED pioneered Code Caleb, a unique partnership between the emergency department and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to treat critically-ill babies at the earliest stage of life. 


“Hospital emergency departments play a significant role in the United States healthcare system, and now more than ever, ED’s have become increasingly congested due to recent global events,” said Steve Dietlin, president and CEO of Tri-City Medical Center. “The redesign of Tri-City Medical Center’s Emergency Department will directly help the community in so many ways, as will its staff who continue to provide premium care to patients in need.”

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