San Diego Business Journal Smart Asset, the New York City-based financial technology company, has voted San Diego as the No. 1 city for conferences. This is the second year in a row that America’s Finest City takes the top spot. 

According to Smart Asset, San Diego ranked in the top third for three out of its four categories, helping it keep the lead. This includes hotels and dining; travel accessibility; and safety and COVID-19 impact.

“The city ranks particularly well for travel accessibility (second overall), with the shortest distance between downtown and the airport (less than four miles) and ties for the third-lowest average travel time between the two (about 11 minutes),” stated the report. “In the category of hotels and dining, San Diego ranks in the top 15 cities for all three underlying metrics: number of hotels (239), number of large hotels (15) and concentration of dining and entertainment establishments (9.97%).”