San Diego Business Journal

Infinium Spirits Wonderbus, a traveling San Diego-based concert via a double-decker bus, has partnered with Total Power, Inc., a locally headquartered engineering firm that helps reduce carbon footprint through 100% biodegradable fuel.

“As a passionate surfer and outdoor enthusiast from San Diego, taking care of this community and our environment was most important to me as Wonderbus came to life,” said Ernie Hahn, co-creator of Wonderbus. “Brett and the TPx team have been fantastic to work with and they continue to be eager to help us come up with additional ways to protect our environment while bringing live music back to our community.”

Total Power develops synthetic fuel additive products for transportation, mining and power generation companies. The additives are designed to reduce fuel consumption by 5% on average and toxic emissions from diesel equipment by more than 60%.

Wonderbus made its debut along the coast of San Diego and in the streets of the Gaslamp District in March 2021. In addition to the partnership with Total Power, it plans to install solar panels, among other environmentally conscious efforts.`

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