San Diego Business Journal

Bumble Bee Seafood Company announced a $40 million commitment over the next five years toward protecting the oceans. The “Accelerator Fund” will focus on “ensuring the abundance of tuna stocks, reducing the impact of fishing on other species and working to remove plastics and other waste from the ocean,” the company said.

“Our sustainability journey started many years ago and we’re proud of our past accomplishments, but now is the time to accelerate our actions,” said Jan Tharp, president and CEO of the Bumble Bee Seafood Company. “It’s the right thing to do for our planet, for the billions of people who rely on seafood for sustenance and for the long-term success of our business.”

Some of the initiatives include: the Fisher Improvement Project, a partnership with FCF Fishery Co. to launch a first of its kind in the region longline albacore FIP in the Indian Ocean; the Plant-Based Foods alternatives with Good Catch Foods; Global Ghost Gear Initiative, which was extended to include a project in Indonesia to develop and deploy ocean-safe tracking mechanism to find and collect lost and abandoned fishing equipment; Reducing Plastic Shrink, with the goal of eliminating plastic shrink on its multipacks through innovation, making the packaging nearly 95% recyclable in 2020 and 98% by 2025.

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