San Diego Business Journal

The San Diego County Airbnb host community earned a combined $64 million in supplemental income from 161,600 guests for the five biggest weekends in 2019.

According to a press release, the five busiest weekends for Airbnb guest arrivals in San Diego in 2019 were July 26-28 ($13 million), July 19-21 ($14.2 million), July 5-7 ($13 million), Dec. 27-29 ($11.5 million) and July 12-14 ($12.4 million).

“2019 was another great year for Airbnb hosts in San Diego who continue to reap the economic benefits of home sharing while offering affordable accommodations to visitors from around the world when hotels are at capacity,” said Laura Spanjian, Airbnb’s senior policy director. “Our host community brings important economic activity to every corner of the city and small businesses and entire communities benefit as a result.”

Since Airbnb was founded in 2008, hosts keep 97% of their earnings, which is over $65 billion to date.

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