San Diego Business Journal

Tyra Biosciences, a Carlsbad company that wants to combat cancers that become drug-resistant, has raised a $50 million round.

The company wants to improve on tyrosine kinase inhibitors, a class of drugs designed to stop cancers from metastasizing. However, cancer cells can acquire resistance to these drugs.

"We are eager to deliver solutions for patients who desperately need additional treatment options,” said Todd Harris, co-founder and CEO of Tyra Biosciences, in a statement.

The company sees potential for treating not only drug-resistant cancers, but also said its programs could become first-line treatments. But Tyra is still in the preclinical stage.

The funding will push the company’s compounds toward clinical testing in humans. Typically, drug candidates must clear three or so clinical trials — each of which can take a year or two — before being considered for regulatory approval.

Tyra didn’t disclose which cancers it’s targeting, only that it has multiple preclinical programs.

The financing round was co-led by Alta Partners, RA Capital Management, Boxer Capital of Tavistock Group and Canaan.