San Diego Business Journal

San Diego company MeBe on Feb. 15 is slated to open a center catering to young adults and children with autism and special needs.

MeBe said the 10,000-square-foot facility will have speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, a feeding clinic, social skills groups and one-on-one programs.

The variety of services under one roof is a response to developmental programs often being spread out across San Diego County and long waits to access them, the company stated.

“The services at the center are designed to build on and complement one another, positioning children for a seamless transition from the learning center environment to the home learning setting, and ultimately school readiness,” the company said in a news release.

Husband-and-wife team Patrick and Abigail Bunt lead MeBe. Abigail, a former special education teacher, started the company because she felt too often services were siloed and fell short.

The center is located at 3878 Ruffin Road.

MeBe employs 200 staff and has clinics in Carlsbad, Seattle and Los Angeles, with plans for a Bay Area location.