San Diego Business Journal

San Diego Zoo Global has appointed Nadine Lamberski as its new chief conservation officer and wildlife health officer. Lamberski will lead a team of conservation scientists, researchers, wildlife nutritionist and veterinarians and will further develop San Diego Zoo Global’s conservation efforts.

“By combining our conservation science teams with our wildlife health teams, we are building the wildlife conservation organization of the future – and empowering it to effectively develop full-spectrum conservation strategies,” said Paul A. Baribault, president and CEO of San Diego Zoo Global.

Lamberski has focused her career on the conservation impacts and management of disease in small or fragmented populations, according to the company. “She has participated in field projects that include working with black-footed cats in South Africa, thick-billed parrots in northern Mexico, and desert tortoises in the southwestern United States,” said the company.

Under the leadership of Lamberski, Megan Owen will step into the role of corporate director of wildlife conservation science. Owen has long worked to overcome challenges facing giant pandas, polar bears, elephants and great apes, according to the company. She will replace Allison Alberts, who is retiring in September from the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research.

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