San Diego Business Journal

At some Carlsbad intersections pedestrians will no longer have to debate to touch or not to touch the pedestrian crossing button.

The City of Carlsbad aims to slow down COVID-19 spread by employing touchless crosswalks. The city has implemented “no touch” crosswalk signal technology that automatically flashes the walk or don’t walk sign at intersections. Traffic signals at 12 intersections in Carlsbad Village and near the coast will not require someone to push a button to cross, lessening the opportunity for virus to spread.

The 12 intersections with touchless crosswalk signals were selected because they had the highest number of button pushes a day. They are:

Grand Ave at Jefferson Street

Grand Ave at Roosevelt Street

Grand Avenue at State Street

Grand Avenue at Carlsbad Boulevard

Carlsbad Village Drive at Harding Street

Carlsbad Village Drive at Jefferson Street

Carlsbad Village Drive at Madison Street

Carlsbad Village Drive at Roosevelt Street

Carlsbad Village Drive at State Street

Carlsbad Village Drive at Carlsbad Boulevard

Carlsbad Boulevard at Pine Avenue

Carlsbad Boulevard at Tamarack Avenue.