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Plans are moving ahead to build a 100-home project on a 40-acre site in Scripps Ranch in joint venture by The Phair Co. and Green Properties.

The Renzulli Estates at Scripps Ranch is being named after the Renzulli family that lived on the site for 50 years, said Jeff Phair, president of The Phair Co.

The Phair Co. and Green Properties are developing the project as Green Phair Scripps Partners.

Because the project is still in its early stages, Phair said the timing shouldn’t be slowed by the coronavirus pandemic.

“I’m going ahead with all my projects, business as usual. I’m just working out of my home office,” Phair said. “We just have to hunker down and take care of each other. I’m not real worried about this coronavirus in terms of my projects.”

The Scripps Ranch project at will be divided into two neighborhoods and each will have its own distinctive architectural style.

The Salerno neighborhood will have Mediterranean architecture and the Country Ridge neighborhood will be what Gary Green, president of Green Properties, called “a throwback to the ranch style homes built in nearby Poway and Scripps Ranch many decades ago.”

“I don’t like to build all the houses looking exactly the same,” Phair said. “I don’t like it to look like the typical tract housing.”

Although the overall look of the homes within each neighborhood will be similar, Phair said the homes will have various colors and a blend of materials to make them distinctive.

“As you drive down the street, they won’t look like cookie-cutter homes,” Phair said.

The homes will range from 2,200 square feet to 2,800 square feet.

Phair is in the process of building a gated community of 30 single-family estate homes on a 10-acre site atop a La Mesa hill.

La Mesa Project

In the La Mesa project — La Mesa Summit Estates homes will sell for $900,000 to $1.3 million.

No prices have been set for the Renzulli Estates homes, but Phair said they would tentatively be in the $1.1 million to $1.3 million range.

The likely market for Renzulli Estates is “probably young professionals,” Phair said.

“My buyer’s not going to be the first time homebuyers,” he said, adding that the more likely buyers will be high-tech workers with a family with annual incomes “well over $100,000.”

“There are so many high tech industries within about a three-mile to four-mile radius of us,” Phair said.

Fitting the Environment

As in La Mesa, Phair said the Scripps Ranch project is being designed to fit in with the surrounding environment. The site is on Cypress Canyon Road where it dead-ends into the property, Phair said.

“I try to keep the topography of the land just like I did in the La Mesa project because it looks nice to just to keep what nature created,” Phair said.

Phair said the Scripps Ranch site is one of the late large vacant parcels in the area.

“The land is surrounded by homes on all sides that were built 20 to 30 years ago,” Phair said. “The Renzulli Estates property presents a unique planning opportunity to create an infill subdivision of new homes in the highly desirable community of Scripps Ranch.”Phair said the site could accommodate more homes, but he kept the number at 100 in response to community requests.

Community Based Planning

“The input from neighbors was they wanted lower density which creates less traffic,” Phair said. “We let them help design the project, which is the theory of community based planning, which is what we all should be doing.”

A five-acre grove of eucalyptus trees also will be preserved as a park at the community’s request, Phair said. It will have a treehouse play structure, rope bridges, a Frisbee golf course and picnic tables.

The project was recently approved by the Planning Commission.

“I love the fact that The Phair Co. is working with the topography,” said Planning Commissioner Doug Austin. “One of my biggest bug-a-boos about this county, which I love, is if you look across the topography in several places, you see cut and fill places, with tract homes in a row. It scars the hillside.”