San Diego Business Journal

San Diego’s SGI-DNA, a spinout of Synthetic Genomics, has raised a $25 million series A round.

Funding will go toward launching BioXp 3200, a DNA printer that let’s companies or labs create genes, genetic elements and molecular tools. It’s designed to speed up protein engineering, drug discovery and CRISPR genome editing. The system is fully automated, according to the company.

“Simply put, what used to take up to six weeks can now be performed within a few hours and with only the push of a button,” said CEO Todd Nelson, who said researchers will never need to clone a gene again.

With the funds the company also plans to advance its synthetic biology workflows and expand its applications, including an instrument that converts digitized DNA code to biological entities and technology that stores DNA data.

Northpond Ventures led the round, joined by Oxford Finance and BroadOak Capital Partners.