Qualcomm Inc. is expanding the number of its chipsets that include 5G connectivity. The company said 5G devices will come out next year using its Snapdragon 7 Series and Snapdragon 6 Series chipsets. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Series chips are already used to power new 5G devices, such as Samsung’s Galaxy S10.

Qualcomm said a dozen phone manufacturers plan to use the new Snapdragon 7 Series platform in their future 5G devices. They include LG Electronics, Nokia, Motorola and Redmi, a budget smartphone brand owned by Xiaomi.

The San Diego-based chipmaker also said 5G devices based on its Snapdragon 6 Series would launch in the second half of 2020, though it did not specify which brands. In total, more than 150 5G devices have been launched or are in development using Qualcomm’s technology, according to the company.

5G is expected to increase data speeds, while also providing lower latency and more reliable connections. For smartphone users, that could support video streaming, mobile gaming, augmented reality and virtual reality features, as well as other data-heavy applications.