San Diego Business Journal

A La Jolla taco shop, The Taco Stand, has been voted the fourth fast-casual restaurant in the U.S. on Trip Advisor’s 2019 Travelers’ Choice "Best Fast Casual Restaurants" List.

According to the Trip Advisor website, The Taco Stand prides itself in making handmade corn tortillas and guacamole and salsas made from scratch daily. “Besides amazing tacos and burritos, we also have a great selection of Mexican flavored popsicles, refreshments, imported beer and freshly prepared Rosarito-style churros,” states The Taco Stand website.

The Taco Stand opened its first taco shop in La Jolla, followed by a location in downtown San Diego, Encinitas, North Park, Miami’s Wynwood Arts District and Orange County. A Las Vegas eatery is set to open later this year, according to the site.

Additionally, San Diego’s Burger Lounge entered the list at No. 14.

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