A four-story distribution center that would be among the largest industrial buildings in San Diego County is being built for Amazon on a 65-acrce site in Otay Mesa.

The four-story building at Otay Mesa Road and Enrico Fermi Drive will have about 2.6 million square feet of space with 1,854 parking spaces, according to plans submitted to county planners by the developer, Seefried Properties based in Atlanta. No start date for the project was given.

The parking will be wired for more than 100 electric charging stations.

The project also will have a 404 square-foot pump house, a 930 square-foot water tank a 940 square-foot bike rack shelter, and a 278 square-foot guardhouse, according to planning documents.

Amazon didn’t respond to requests for information and officials with Seefried Properties said they couldn’t comment.

Seefried’s History

Seefried has done other similar projects for Amazon, according to Seefried’s website, including a 1 million square-foot building in Macon, Georgia, completed in November 2018 and an 856,000 square-foot building in Salt Lake City completed in August 2018.

David Wick, chairman of the East Otay Mesa Property Owners Association, said Seefried acquired the property to build the distribution center for Amazon.

“This is a great addition. Amazon is a great addition to Otay Mesa,” Wick said. “It’s a lot of automation, so I’m not sure how much of a job generator it will be.”

$22.7M Property

The property sold for nearly $22.7 million.

Seefried is required as a condition of its permits to make improvements to Otay Mesa Road that would include adding bike lanes and widening the street. Similar improvements are required for Enrico Fermi Drive.

Because Amazon is such a high profile company and because this project is so big, it’s expected to heighten interest in Otay Mesa for industrial construction, according to some commercial real estate brokers.

“With Amazon coming in, there are a lot of groups that follow Amazon,” said Bret Morriss, managing director of Stream Realty Partners in San Diego, adding that it would include industries such as box makers and last-mile distributors

“Two million-plus square feet is certainly going to lead to other jobs and other supporting companies coming in,” Morriss said. “They have a lot of land that they could quickly turn into industrial buildings.”

Linda Greenberg, a principal with Lee & Associates, said it’s difficult to assess what effect Amazon will have on the overall development of commercial real estate in Otay Mesa.