San Diego Business Journal

Lawyers Club of San Diego, an organization to advance women in law and society, has named Elvira Cortez from Dinsmore & Shohl as president, according to a news release.


Elvira Cortez

Previously, Cortez worked as a liaison for the San Diego County Bar and then as a co-chair at the Diverse Women’s Committee. Afterwards, Cortez served on the board for three years, co-chaired the Diverse Women’s Committee and then became the vice president of finance and fundraising.

“I was asked to consider running for president and I was a little hesitant,” said Cortez via a statement. “It’s a big time commitment. Right now, I spend 200-300 hours per year working for the club. As president, it’s a lot more. But I thought about it and I know that I can do something impactful for the organization, so I decided to run and I was elected.”

Cortez said one of her objectives as president is to create a program to help women learn to develop a book of business. She also said she hopes to bring practices from Dinsmore, like extensive parental leave, to the Lawyers Club of San Diego.

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