Carlsbad-based Viasat Inc. announced a strategic partnership with China Satellite Communications to provide in-flight connectivity services to domestic and international airlines flying over China. The deal, made public on April 23, will enable Viasat’s airline clients to access China Satcom’s satellite network.

China Satcom is the only firm in China to operate the satellites necessary for in-flight connectivity.

Viasat (Nasdaq: VSAT) is set to provide equipment to Chinese airlines using the China Satcom network. Viasat currently provides in-flight connectivity services for approximately 2,000 aircraft.

“Per the terms of the agreement, each company will maintain its own intellectual property and will operate its equipment using a multilayered approach to network services,” Viasat said in a prepared statement. “This agreement specifically covers commercial aviation IFC [in-flight connectivity], but could extend into the development of new connectivity applications for other ancillary markets in China.”

The deal was announced as part of the Shanghai In-Flight Connectivity Technology Conference.

In other news, Viasat penned a wholesale distribution agreement with Brazil’s Ruralweb to deploy high-speed internet services throughout Brazil, announcing the move on April 16.

“Ruralweb’s team will help us bring affordable, scalable, high-quality broadband services to new markets, especially those communities where internet service has historically been unavailable,” said Lisa Scalpone, Viasat’s country manager for Brazil, in a prepared statement.