SDC, a San Diego-based cannabis consumer product goods company, has been acquired for $27 million by Next Green Wave, headquartered in Canada. According to a news release, the company has been rebranded as WeareSDC and, as part of the transaction all members of the SDC team will lead the Next Green Wave extraction and manufacturing unit.

“This transaction will allow the SDC team to capitalize on its decades of cannabis expertise in California and to rapidly expand our brands, distribution channels and manufacturing expertise across the state and into international markets,” Ryan Lange, SDC co-founder, said via a statement.

SDC will introduce over 30 types of extraction-based products across its eight Next Green Wave brand partners, which include Thorn Brewing and Toy Machine Skateboard Co. SDC has 45 CBD and THC products, including vape cartridges, ice water hash, tinctures, dog products and CBD wellness and recovery products.

SDC products are currently sold in 700 Zumiez stores.