San Diego Business Journal

After wastewater treatment startup AquaCycl took the winning prize of $200,000 at the San Diego Angel Conference in March, other finalists in the competition have received additional funding.

The event was created to help first-time angel investors learn to conduct due diligence by investing in a startup through a group fund with other, more experienced investors. The group got back together after the conference to invest in three more companies.

“The investors were so enthusiastic at the end of the conference event that they got back together a week later and ended up doing 3 more investments,” said Mysty Rusk, director of The Brink Small Business Development Center, which organized the conference. “We did what we had hoped to do.”

The new investments include:

  • An additional $95,000 in Aquacycl
  • $105,000 in GroGuru
  • $125,000 in Vivid Genomics